Elven Stiletto (in General)

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- April 20 2009 3:03 PM EDT

Is anyone else waiting for Ranger to change it back again? (/me points at wiki)

While I agree with OB in the statement that the wiki isn't 'a giant opinions board' I have to agree with Ranger even more on his change.


Not picking sides as I think highly of both of you, but I will just say that I agree with Ranger's change, as no one should be encouraged to sink money into an ES.

Saying the ES is a poor man's VP is a polite way of saying it's crap crap crap crap, that's like saying a long bow is a poor man's elb.

It's misleading, and personally I would feel bad for anyone "misled" into sinking networth into an ES. So that being said I think Ranger's edit sums it up best.


QBRanger April 20 2009 3:06 PM EDT


QBRanger April 20 2009 3:09 PM EDT

The wiki is a place to put strategy and for players to get an idea of how good or not good a particular piece of equipment.

What OB did is equal to putting "poor mans adam" on a DCM. Of course it CAN be used, but nobody would ever recommend using one and dropping money into it.

Let us be real now, shant we?

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- April 20 2009 3:09 PM EDT

O.O Ranger are you a robot that is ALWAYS on? I'm a beast when it comes to being online, but even I sleep lol.

I just thought I'd bring this into the forum to avoid further "wiki wars" as your edits have been killed not once but twice.

Anyways I think your last edit should be fine.

QBRanger April 20 2009 3:14 PM EDT

I also changed the Big Five page to include the MoD. However, I have no idea how to change the title of that page or move stuff to a Big Six page.

Perhaps someone with better wiki experience can do it.

Cube April 20 2009 3:21 PM EDT


Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] April 20 2009 3:24 PM EDT

I agree it's pretty worthless BUT it does have vorpalness. So it's not inferior in every way. Just most of the time. (Compared to a Kat.) This should be reflected on it's page, instead of just saying ''it sucks.''

It sucks BUT it has vorpalness, which can be useful in SOME situations. (Although not many, we all agree on that.)

Demigod April 20 2009 3:27 PM EDT

I didn't want to see this turn into a thread, but I guess it's not much worse than a Wiki-war. But before you continue this stubborn battle, here's a tip:

Clicky the Linky.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] April 20 2009 3:30 PM EDT

''In most cases, a Katana will be a superior weapon especially if you compare each's cost. However, the Stiletto has an innate Vorpal ability. It is up to you to decide if this is a big enough advantage to use it over a Kat.''

There. I meant something like that.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- April 20 2009 3:34 PM EDT

I figured a discussion about it would be the fastest way to meet a compromise as opposed to people gearing up for battle every time they clicked "Help!".

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] April 20 2009 3:57 PM EDT

Yeah I agree Jir, while the wiki may not be a big opinion board, he did put it under the strategy section, and honestly speaking, all the strategical advice given there was correct.

QBRanger April 20 2009 4:14 PM EDT

Thanks to all those that changed Big Five to Big Six.

QBRanger April 20 2009 4:17 PM EDT

And my goal was not to put my own biased opinions in the wiki.

But, as others stated, there is a strategy place under which I put a well agreed opinion statement.

The Elven Stilletto has no place in CB2 right now.

With armor being less then in the past, SS being dispellable, and the TOE almost pitiful, the VB ability is not worth the increased damage a katana can do.

I was trying to steer new players far far away from buying one and using it.

A katana, in reality and in CB1, was a weapon people actually did use for a while.

Sickone April 20 2009 7:18 PM EDT

Katana ? Bah, why bother with that when you can easily find an even better weapon sooner rather than later ? Meanwhile, rent, dammit.
Other than the "big six", you have to be CRAZY (and I'm talking downright mental) to upgrade a melee weapon if you're not in a tournament.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 21 2009 5:24 AM EDT

Wait Sick. You're telling me that you don't get, nor would advise any player, to experience the feel of moving up through the weapon ranks?

QBOddBird April 21 2009 10:30 AM EDT

Pretty sure Jon's killed that with the NUB $$$ bonus; the two simply aren't compatible.

There are those who have suggested very cheap X on the lower end weapons and more expensive on the upper end weapons, which would balance out strength somewhat and would also make lower end weapons more acceptable for new players (as they could increase in small increments to stay under their still-small ENC.)

Still, as the NUB exp % increases, even that would be a temporary measure. The game is still slowly but surely rolling toward a "Welcome to CB! Get your butt to work, you've got a 1000% bonus for 6 months and then we're dumping you flat!" gameplay.

(subliminal message: rolling bonus ftw)
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