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gols090 [forge of me] April 27 2009 9:27 PM EDT

does the effect of noldorin spellcasters apply to each antimagic field being cast by more than one minion? to clarify, let's say there was a 4 minion team, and 3 minions have antimagic field. would my +7 noldorin spellcasters take off .07 of each of those casts?

Colonel Custard April 27 2009 9:32 PM EDT

I believe that the Antimagic Field would stack together to get a final result, and then .07 would be taken off of the total.

Multiple Antimagic Field spells cast on the same minion stack together, so that you get a single backlash damage, rather than 2 or 3 or 4 separate, smaller ones. I think the final number is reduced; otherwise, you could really take a lot off of a 4-AMF team.

Unappreciated Misnomer April 27 2009 9:32 PM EDT

Subtracts 1% from the effect of Antimagic Field per enchantment point cast on the wearer

Colonel Custard April 27 2009 9:38 PM EDT

Oh, and if you're looking at the step-by-step battle results, and you see something like this:
Eric casts Antimagic Field on John (.13)
Joe casts Antimagic Field on John (.18)
Carl casts Antimagic Field on John (.27)

The total AMF cast on you is .27, and not .58 (13+18+27). They go in order, and each successive cast adds onto the previous one.

gols090 [forge of me] April 28 2009 6:45 PM EDT

ok thanks guys

three4thsforsaken April 28 2009 6:49 PM EDT

no, NSC only affects the wearer.
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