T38: Blender of the Dead: storyline (in Contests)

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Day 1 Results

The survivors sat together, huddled by a small fire in the middle of a barricaded cabin. As they recalled the blood curdling screams of their friends and family, they spoke of what to do next, where to go, how to proceed. A former Marine, OddFish, took charge of the situation. The rest of the survivors listened in reverence to their de-facto Leader, as he suggested a route to the military base to the East of town. As the survivors decided they would head through the downtown area, (supplies would be abundant here) they heard a low moaning. One of the survivors from a nearby village had turned in the nighttime! Several of the others were infected before the survivors could react, and soon chaos broke out. As everyone ran from the cabin screaming, someone dropped a molotov cocktail, killing the zombies...and all those trapped inside the cabin. The remaining survivors (all of you) ran as far as they could, they ran day and night. When they finally arrived at [Red 2], they found one survivor missing. Warlord GogetaSS4 had not made it. The last person to see him recalled that he had stopped to go to the bathroom.

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Day 2 Results

The survivors took shelter in the local Wal-Mart, barricading the doors and gathering food. As the survivors rested for the next days journey, a gunshot rang out in the night. ElCapitanSquishyPants was found lying on the floor, with a gun in his hand. A note left in his pocket read, "Infected, bye."

The survivors took the body to the freezer, in the hopes that nearby zombies would not smell the body.

The survivors searched through the rest of the store, finding several weapons, and some armor. [Tier 2 Unlocked]

Tonight, the survivors rest in peace.

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Day 3 Results

The survivors decided to stay at the local Wal-Mart, realizing there was simply too much food that could not be carried, and that there may have been more supplies in the area. After searching through the storage room in the back, the survivors found a box of shotguns, and several dead police officers, each wearing body armor. [Tier 3 Unlocked]

As the group moved back into the main room, Nayab walked in front of the group. He revealed to them that he had been bitten the other day by a crazed Janitor who had been infected. While he had managed to lock the janitor into the bathroom, he had been infected himself. He said his goodbyes, and went to the roof. It had always been his dream to fly, so he struck his best superman pose, and for a few seconds as he closed his eyes, he was flying.

After losing yet another survivor, the remaining survivors have grown eager to leave this horrid house of death. Supplies are running low, and the stench of death is sure to attract zombies to the area. Late in the night, as the survivors rest, a voice is heard screaming. He yells to any who will listen,
As the survivors peek through the windows, this lone madman is torn to pieces by zombies.

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Day 4 Results

In the morning, the survivors woke to a dull moan. The madman had drawn forth a massive horde of zombies, who even now feasted upon his rotting remains. The survivors had only one option, take cover and fight off wave after wave of fetid zombie corpses. Hour upon hour brought thousands upon thousands of zombies, all hungry for the fresh blood of a particularly Odd Bird.

The fighting was long, monotonous, and gory. Soon, the survivors ammo began to dwindle. Shinra found himself with only one shot left in his pistol, and began to sweat. He glanced at the bandage wrapped around his leg, knowing full well that in another day he would become one of the damned undead himself. Shinra walked towards OddBird, weapon in hand, his entire body nervously twitching. As he came up behind OddBird, he hesitated, but soon dropped the gun, and ran out into the horde of zombies, hoping to distract them from the Wal-Mart. As he was torn limb from limb, the other survivors looked on in horror, taking their only solace from the fact that Shinra had killed himself, rather than turn into a zombie. However, the sight was simply too much for Rawr to bear. He took his shotgun, placed the barrel in his mouth, and fired.

The survivors stood in amazement, stunned at the blood bath they had just witnessed. The zombies pressed ever forward, and soon Messbrutal was surrounded before realizing his plight. Dudemus, in a fit of bravery, charged into the horde! He dragged a heavily bleeding Messbrutal to the safety of the second floor, where the other survivors were now holding out, only to find that it was too late. Messbrutal was now a zombie. As soon as Shade realized this, he ran up and drop-kicked the zombie Messbrutal through the window, back down to the first floor.

As the survivors lay out of breath, but safe for the moment, they stared at their leader, and asked,

"Now what?"

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Day 5 Results

The survivors continued down the street, passing dilapidated house after dilapidated house. Corpses were strewn across the ground, this appears to have been the final stand of another similar group of survivors.

Soon, the survivors began facing several zombies, and as they pressed onward, the resistance grew. As the group took cover in a church tower, they gazed into a small intersection ahead. The sight of what lie ahead tore the warmth of hope from each of their hearts. A veritable gauntlet of zombies lined every street, every house was filled to the brim, and there seemed no way around this obstacle, The Horde. The leader of the survivors, OddBird, had decided on the course of action that must be taken. They would fight.

To fight the zombies on open ground would be suicide, so the survivors fortified the church as best as possible. They would hold here, and have one survivor go out to lure the unending horde into the trap. OddBird knew that nobody would be crazy enough to volunteer for this seemingly suicidal job, so he began to suit up to meet his end. However, as he was strapping on his body armor, dudemus stood up and stopped him. Taking off his shirt, dudemus exposed a large bite wound. While trying to save Messbrutal in the Wal-Mart, he had himself been bitten. He would go forth into the horde and draw them into the trap.

As dudemus walked out into the sea of zombies, he carried only a picture of his family, and a pistol with one shot.

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Day 6 Results

The battle was now raging, the survivors were pushed back to the steeple of the church, and the horde still poured forth into the building. The survivors were now running low on ammunition, so several of the group had formed a wall with their riot shields, and were simply holding the horde at bay as the group tried to formulate a plan.

The horde had been thinned to the point where the vast majority of the zombies were either in or around the front of the church, and the survivors had been working on creating a rope to get out of the steeple if the shield wall should break. OddBird decided that the survivors would have to make a run for it and began sending people down the rope. As more of the survivors left the church, the wall grew weaker and weaker. Soon, there were only three survivors holding off Armageddon. MaetYm, the centerpiece of the shield wall, told the other survivors to hold the wall for a few seconds as he stepped back and prepared to make a running dive into the stairs. As he sprinted full speed into the front line of zombies, he plummeted down the steps and sent the zombies hurling backwards. As he fell, he was impaled upon a broken pieces of wood, and died. The remaining survivors retreated, and escaped into the suburbs.

The survivors are now resting in an empty fire station, which appears to have been the site of a military checkpoint. As the survivors look around, they find a cache of weapons hidden underneath the mattresses of the beds, a classic hiding place. [Tier 4 Unlocked]

In the night, the survivors can hear only the breathing of those around them, and sporadic gunfire in the distance.

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Day 7 Results

The survivors moved slowly through the back yards of houses they themselves once inhabited. The mutilated bodies of their former neighbors littered the ground, and abandoned military hardware lined the streets, no doubt left when the horde came through and decimated the area. As the survivors moved eastward, they could hear the faint sounds of a helicopter in the distance. The survivors ran towards the sound, eager to find an escape from the hellish scenes around them. As they drew near, they found that the helicopter had landed atop a high school building.

Wandering the halls of the high school were hundreds of zombie high school students. Moving from classroom to classroom, eyes glazed, with a tired and broken look upon their faces, had the survivors not known that this was a zombie invasion, they would be indistinguishable from normal high schoolers. Candycane had gone to school here, in this very building, and as he passed his physics class, he went in and had a seat. Staring out the window at his hometown, now a decimated warzone, he began calculating how far his body would land from the base of the building, assuming he runs at a constant speed, and jumps straight out the window. As the other survivors found out, the answer is 13 feet.

On the roof, the survivors found that there were two soldiers evacuating anybody who could reach them. As the survivors leaped in glee at the sight, the roof below them caved in. As the survivors plummeted into a group of zombies, followed closely by the spinning blades of the helicopter, kefeck looked up and screamed. He landed face up on the ground, and the helicopter came crashing down on him. The blades cleanly cut off both of his legs, and as he lay writhing in pain, the zombies began to congregate around their new feast. As the last of the survivors crawled out of the wreckage, they could only look back at their friend, and watch him turn into the very scourge they sought to escape.

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Day 8 Results

As the survivors plotted their next move, OddBird, the leader of the group, peered around his old neighborhood. He saw his house, lying in ashes. Before leaving he had lit the house on fire. Trapped inside at the time were his two sons, and his infected wife. The sight of their fiery grave was too much for him, and he passed out. The survivors, unsure of what to do next, had no choice but to carry OddBird and press forward.

Morale was low, over the past few days, several had seen their friends violently ripped to pieces, hacked apart by helicopters, and gnawed on by a horror so vile that its mere presence struck fear into even the strongest of mens' hearts. As Drauglin trudged through his childhood house, or what remained of it, he sat down quietly. His disappearance went unnoticed. When the remaining survivors were simply silhouettes in the distance, he took his shotgun, pointed it in his mouth, and fired.

Only nine survivors remained. Some doubted they would ever make it to the base, some doubted the base even remained. The only mutual feeling was fear...fear of what lie ahead. At night, the terrible roar could be heard, a beacon, a gathering point for zombies.

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Day 9 Results

The survivors moved as though hypnotized by the soul-shattering roar, slowly dragging their feet as they moved ever closer to safety. As they passed block after block, it was eerily calm, no zombies in sight. The survivors moved through a local McDonalds, eager to find a source of nourishment. Admiralkiller stood guard at the door, in case the zombies should happen upon a free meal. As everyone rummaged through discarded patties and stale french fries, a low groan pervaded the air.

Whipping around, OddBird saw zombies simply walking past Admiralkiller. As Admiralkiller turned to face OddBird, only one word came from his mouth,

Admiralkiller had been infected for two days, and had now turned! Even worse, he had led the survivors into an ambush. The fallen comrades of the survivors, Kefeck, and Messbrutal, both tore into the flesh of Jiraiya with their teeth.

The remaining survivors fled the building, taking cover in a nearby basement. As they ran from the building, the gurgling screams of Jiraiya rang out loudly. Another lost to the zombies.

As the survivors hid in the basement, the roar of a zombie could be heard...moving closer. The Zombie Leader had been awakened and alerted to their presence.

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Day 10 Results

OddBird sat in a corner, watching as the others lay in their sleeping bags and rested. For every breath they took, he thought of those who had died under his leadership. He sat and wished that he could somehow sacrifice himself in their stead. But that time had come and gone.

At dawn, the survivors woke and went outside to find OddBird standing in the morning sunlight, ready to move for one more day, ready to relinquish his responsibilities to the military, ready to be free of blame.

Only one thing stood between the survivors, and safety. The Zombie Leader. A horribly mutated beast, it was Patient Zero, the origin of the infectious zombie virus. It stood on the dirt road, and as the survivors walked towards it, its eyes grew red with the lust for blood. OddBird stepped in front of the group, shotgun in hand. He took his weapon, pointed at the head of the abomination, and charged the monstrosity, screaming at the top of his lungs,


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Day 11 Results

OddBird slammed his riot shield into the Leader's side, knocking it on its side for a brief moment. As he drew his shotgun into alignment with the zombies head, gunshots behind him drew his attention. From all sides, zombies were pouring into the area to defend their leader.

Rrowland and Warfish Tamerlane
Rrowland and Tamerlane took defensive positions inside of a small house on the right side of the street, from this position they had a clear view of the rear approach and thus were the lynch pin to the defensive structure. Rrowland stood at the crest of the staircase with an automatic rifle, dropping every zombie that managed to make its way into the house. Tamerlane stood in the window with a belt fed automatic shotgun, providing massive covering fire for the entire rear flank, and stopping the advancing horde in its tracks.

OddBird and Nemerizt
OddBird and Nemerizt, both of whom were military trained, fought head to head with the massive Zombie Leader. OddBird was armed with a sawed-off shotgun which he wielded with one hand, in the other was a riot shield. Nemerizt came equipped with a military laser cannon, impressive firepower, but heavy, and slow to reload.

Shade and Artemis
Shade and Artemis immediately head to the the right and left flanks, and took it upon themselves to prevent the merciless onslaught of zombies from reaching the Leader, and disrupting OddBird and Nemerizt. Shade took cover on top of an overturned trailer, and Artemis rained bullets upon the advancing horde from a treehouse in the adjacent yard.

The Battle

OddBird crouched behind a rusted out Toyota Camry, reloading his shotgun. The massive arm of the Zombie Leader smashed down on top of the car, crushing the roof in, and setting off the car alarm. OddBird dove to the side and covered himself with the riot shield as a pulse of purple and red energy shot out from the laser cannon and vaporized the car in a flash of light. As the Zombie Leader glanced at the source of the beam of light, OddBird sprung up and smashed into the zombie with his shield, firing two shots at the arms of the creature.

Shade had gone through three full rounds already, his M16 barrel was glowing orange from the heat of automatic fire, and still the zombies came at him in droves, throwing themselves upon his bullets by the hundreds. For now, Shade had the zombies at bay, so he glanced around to survey the situation. Nemerizt was recharging the laser cannon, OddBird was reloading his shotgun, and the Zombie Leader was lining up for a timely decapitation on Nemerizt. Shade jumped down from his perch and lined up his shot at the temple of the Zombie Leader. As he drew his finger to pull the trigger, he was bowled over by three zombies, and his shot went astray, distracting the zombie long enough for OddBird to escape from its reach. As the three zombies attempted to bite through the body armor Shade had worn, three shots rang out, and the zombies fell off of Shade, dead. Artemis reloaded his rifle once more and turned back to the right flank. Shade fell back to a sandbag bunker left by the military, and recovered his flank.

Tamerlane had set aside his shotgun, it was dangerously close to overheating. He used dual pistols and did his best to distract the horde of zombies now pushing through the rear flank, to no avail. Rrowland was now in the room as well, the door closed behind him. He was not able to hold the zombies off at the stairwell, and was now pinned inside the room with Tamerlane. They both knew they would most likely die here. They kept firing.

As OddBird looked around him, he saw zombies advancing on all sides. The rear flank was broken, the right flank was leaking zombies through, and the Zombie Leader still stood, eager to feast on the bodies of the survivors. Tossing his sawed-off shotgun and riot shield aside, OddBird pulled out two pistols, and recklessly fired into the head of the Zombie Leader. The small caliber bullets had little effect, and the Zombie Leader smashed OddBird into a wall.

Artemis was forced to leave the treehouse, lest he be trapped and unable to escape. He retreated into the sandbag bunker with Shade, and picked up OddBird's shotgun. Gunfire from the rear flank had long since stopped, and blood dripped from the windows. OddBird slowly climbed out of the wreckage, and looked around for his weapons. He could find only a broken shard of wood from a kitchen table, its end shattered and forming a spear point. Nemerizt stood from behind his cover, and fired blindly into the Zombie Leader just as it was about to tear him limb from limb. The zombie's left arm and much of its body was blown off, torn from existence by the pillar of light emitted from the laser cannon. OddBird saw his chance, he sprinted at the zombie, brandishing the sharpened table leg. Leaping forward, he plunged the weapon into the neck of the beast. As the monster fell, OddBird jumped to safety. The zombie crashed into a house, and as it lay in the rubble, the chimney collapsed, and crushed its head.

Nemerizt and OddBird crawled to the sandbags, and from all sides they could see, the zombies kept coming.

One day later
The silhouette of a man enters the front gates of the military base. He calls out, but there is no answer. He sits on the ground, alone, abandoned. As a familiar groan rises above the white noise, OddBird sits, staring at a picture of his family. As the zombies surrounded him, and tear apart his now fragile body, a siren rings from the depths of the base. A plane flies overhead, and drops something in the center of the city. A white flash and a deafening crash, a wall of fire cleanses the city, and then there was quiet.

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i like it man good job on the story

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Epically done Slairbot...

can't wait for the next one and its saga

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Same. I should be putting this story on CBstuff just for fun :)
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