Magic Missile (and I suppose Fireball too) (in Debates)

Rawr May 7 2009 12:28 AM EDT

Are these spells underpowered? IIRC someone mentioned removing the ranged damage penalties for MM and removing the backlash for FB, which would both help quite a bit. Any comments?

Untouchable May 7 2009 12:42 AM EDT

MM could get a little more power IMP

FB just sucks lol

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] May 7 2009 12:43 AM EDT

"removing the ranged damage penalties for MM" Terrible idea, up it a little maybe. But, effectively doubling it, that's just a terrible idea.

Untouchable May 7 2009 12:43 AM EDT

I like the idea of removing the reduced damage during Ranged rounds, and FB i think just needs to be stronger.

its kinda dumb how its weak yet it backlashes.
a spell that backlashes should be powerful

like that tiny gun from Men In Black. Strong yet backlashing

QBRanger May 7 2009 12:44 AM EDT

MM is just fine.

Look at novice, PoisoN among the top MM/SF users.

FB is just plain crap.

Poor damage in missile and when you make it to melee, you fry your own team.

At least FB has to have that removed from it. At the very least.

Rawr May 7 2009 12:47 AM EDT

Just seems MM is easily countered by a MgS. SG has the AC damage bonus and CoC has the highest damage of all DDs.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 7 2009 12:50 AM EDT

MM is weak enough I can put my main damage dealer in the back... that's a little sad.

QBRanger May 7 2009 12:56 AM EDT

Then why not use a HF if MM is so bad?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 7 2009 1:00 AM EDT

charge arm [0] (+18)

I can't bare to part with them... 47m worth of NSC can't just sit idly by

QBRanger May 7 2009 9:15 AM EDT

If you ever want to try a HF, with some BGs and a BoM, let me know and you can borrow mine for testing.
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