Self fine for posting nonsense in debate forum. (in Off-topic)

Wizard'sFirstRule May 8 2009 1:54 AM EDT

PainKiller (Fasunaus II) TourneyPrizes (TourneyPrizes) $100000 -- self fine 1:53 AM EDT

I didn't even think it was the debate forum at the time I posted it. I was so used to arguments in general forum that needs some kind of comical relief to end them.

BadFish May 8 2009 1:58 AM EDT

100k! Big money!

Wizard'sFirstRule May 8 2009 2:03 AM EDT

fines are usually 50k or 100k, right?

DoS May 8 2009 2:04 AM EDT


Soul Eater May 8 2009 3:11 AM EDT

Shhh, TourneyPrizes needs the money he's broke after Tourney 38.
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