Hooray for me!!! (in Off-topic)

Demigod May 8 2009 7:14 PM EDT

I just closed on my first house. I now get to spend a TON of time fixing up the property and moving in.


It's going to be expensive, but at least my fiance makes better money than I do.

QBRanger May 8 2009 7:16 PM EDT

Always good to marry someone who can support you in the lifestyle your accustomed.

Grats on the new hovel.

I remember mine, 10+ years ago. Nothing special, just my very own home.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 8 2009 7:20 PM EDT

Grats man! I'm still up in the air as to if/when I want to jump off that cliff. I'm just trying not to end up house poor and a single missing paycheck away from losing it...

QBOddBird May 8 2009 7:22 PM EDT

Good luck to you, Demigod!

kevlar May 8 2009 7:24 PM EDT

congrats on your new home :) It will be a lot of work, but what it will look like when you are finished will have that touch that only you and your family can give. Good luck

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] May 8 2009 7:30 PM EDT

woot & congratulations!

Cube May 8 2009 7:32 PM EDT

Hooray for you!!!
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