Strange, BoF post battle?? (in General)

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- May 17 2009 5:12 AM EDT

So I'm new to using the BoF, but I'm not seeing any increase on my tanks strength or PTH... anywhere... I even fought the same minion 3 times each with the boots on and off of my lead minion and actually noticed a DECREASE in damage in the first rounds of when the BoF was equipped...

Am I missing something here?

Cube May 17 2009 5:16 AM EDT

It won't be in the post battle stats.

As damage is pretty random - and boosting strength doesn't increase damage that much, so to check it you have to do a lot of battles and average them out.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- May 17 2009 5:22 AM EDT

Hmm I don't like it, I don't think it's working properly, I clearly get better damage when it is unequipped, which is the complete opposite of the desired effect...

The BoF should be boosting my str by ~250,000 on my archer, which would seem like it would at least provide a slight increase in damage; and yet it actually shows a decrease :S.

Further I must wonder has anyone done tests to make sure this item is actually working?

Also, do I need to calculate the added strength from the BoF to my archery to keep it at 1.0 effect?

Why can't we make the BoF effect show in post battle so we get warm fuzzies about it. It would be pretty simple, make it like dex currently is: when the BoF minion is dead at the end, show the stats without the BoF boost, when the BoF is alive, show the stats with.

Just a thought.

As it stands I'm sitting here spending BA wondering why I'm equipping something that seems to be dropping my damage :|

Cube May 17 2009 5:26 AM EDT

If you mean it's decreasing your total damage, you might have to train archery higher because it's giving you a strength boost.

AdminShade May 17 2009 5:50 AM EDT

Do you see your ST increasing or decreasing while equiping your BoF's?

AdminShade May 17 2009 5:51 AM EDT

ugh, that would be a no...

I'm using BoF's myself and don't see the ST increase either...

AdminShade May 17 2009 5:52 AM EDT

While your first minion is alive wearing these boots, it gives a bonus of 0.5% per enchantment level to the strength and direct damage spells of your other minions.

The BoF's should increase your Tank's Strength immediately.

AdminShade May 17 2009 6:01 AM EDT

Strength without: 1,930,502
Archery without: 1.00 when trained at level 386100

Strength with: ~2,180,000
Archery with: 0.89 when trained at level 386100
Archery with: 1.00 when trained at level 436000

You have ~10% less Archery when putting those boots on if you don't train it up to the full ST effect. However, Archery doesn't increase damage, just the amount of rounds fired.

However they should never decrease the average damage dealt, 250k more ST for your almost 2 mil should be 5% increase instead.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 17 2009 6:11 AM EDT

Well thing is if your archery isn't working to full effect you aren't hitting as accurately, i.e your arrow might glance off them rather that hitting square (going by ACTUAL real life archery) lowering your damage.

AdminShade May 17 2009 6:13 AM EDT

The total damage will be decreased yes, but the average damage is calculated on a hit by hit basis.

Only hits dealing damage (i.e. real hits, not misses) are used for that, in which it shouldn't decrease.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] May 17 2009 9:42 AM EDT

The pth part of the BoF definitely work, look at Freed.

AdminNightStrike May 20 2009 2:00 AM EDT

When testing leadership, remember that the effect only occurs when the leadership-laden minion is the de facto leader, standing out in front. Further, it does NOT apply any effects to the leader himself, but instead to the minions he leads.
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