DM or AMF? (in Debates)

Kient [Core] May 18 2009 6:56 AM EDT

With little knowledge of the game Id just like to find out peoples opionion on which of the two should be taken and why, within context of end game and the skills viability now.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] May 18 2009 7:14 AM EDT

You should go with DM if you are running a single minion FB mage. GA will eat you horrifically, and you are going for the quick kill.

Kient [Core] May 18 2009 7:24 AM EDT

Is there anyone who plays a FB mage with AMF? Who has managed to be successful?

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 18 2009 7:27 AM EDT

Not really. I'd definitely suggest going DM.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 18 2009 7:29 AM EDT

AMF is built for longer battles to accrue damage on a mage target. DM knocks out some ED spells (such as GA and AS) which help big time for a quick-kill strategy.
And yes, GA will slaughter you if you don't have DM.

three4thsforsaken May 18 2009 2:25 PM EDT

for the record. GA seems to be the flavor of CB at the moment. If you can, I recommend looking for a strat that involves it. Try asking in chat.

QBOddBird May 18 2009 3:52 PM EDT

DM and AMF both have their uses:

DM will knock out all of your opponents' Defensive Enchantments, which are widely used in this game. Ablative Shield is the most popular, and DM is perfect for knocking out that extra given HP and giving a better chance of a quick kill. Guardian Angel is highly problematic for most players, so knocking it out is a nice bonus as well.

AMF is very nice against Decay, which is one of the most annoying spells in the game if you do not have AMF; it is also effective in reducing damage from mages and causing them some backlash.

Personally, to start off with, I'd try for quick ranged kills with DM. However, as you progress through the game and acquire both money and items, I'd suggest switching to a strategy of attrition using AMF to kill off Decay mages and slow down others. That works best with combined with elements such as AC, EDs, strong melee weapons such as the MH and the BoNE and the melee spells such as Cone of Cold and Shocking Grasp. Fireball, while nice for a quick-killing mage, is horribly difficult to do anything viable with aside from the single mage strategy.
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