ELS, not too shabby (in General)

QBRanger May 18 2009 9:36 PM EDT

Dog rent The Showgirl with Murasama Blade [538279]
with a x2176 ELB, naming included.

Compared to about 260k for an equivalent NW VB.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 19 2009 12:17 AM EDT

considering your thoughts on the BoNE I'm surprised you'd have nice things to say about it's half baked little brother...

BootyGod May 19 2009 12:25 AM EDT

Well, it's good to see it's damage isn't garbage.... But not being terrible won't make up for the fact that it has no effect at all.

*shrugs* And comparing it to the VB is silly. The VB hasn't been used since the nerf. Which I'm both happy and sad about. Sad, because I love the weapon and wish it was a bit more useful (Jon. You nerfed the VB because it was reducing armor, then reduced armor. Please. Rebalance the scales there.) Happy, because I was proven right (even if for the wrong reasons).

As for this, it's just a slightly less enthusiastic meh now.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] May 19 2009 12:50 AM EDT

Nov for Ranger the ELS is infinitely times better than the BoNE. He has to go to round 10 or 11 before it does more damage than one of the same x. I doubt his battles ever last that long and he wins. Not to mention the bonus DX he gets.

Cube May 19 2009 1:31 AM EDT

I imagine Ranger's thoughts on the BoNE have changed by now? With the introduction of ENC there is a clear limit as to how much damage you can do with any weapon, making the BoNE's advantage far more apparent.

QBRanger May 19 2009 8:04 AM EDT

Actually, with losing a round wielding the Bone as well as the 12% dex penalty, I greatly prefer the ELS over the Bone.

Cube May 19 2009 9:42 AM EDT

I'm referring to when you were arguing with Jon saying the BoNE was worthless compared to the MH, but yes I can see why the ELS is good for an archer.

QBOddBird May 19 2009 10:16 AM EDT

The ELS is great now that 2h shield penalties are working properly. It hits harder than the MH, can receive the bonus from the BoM, and a little leech or vorpalness really isn't enough of a bonus to make up the damage difference.

'Far as I'm concerned, the only better weapon is the BoNE. But everyone here knows how much/how long I've loved the BoNE. :)

Rawr May 19 2009 10:17 AM EDT

How does ELS do more dmg than MH? Doesn't MH have a higher base dmg?

QBOddBird May 19 2009 10:19 AM EDT

MH has a hidden damage penalty. The higher base that is shown gives a false impression; it does a little less damage than an ELS (putting the real base at something closer to 78 or 79.)

QBOddBird May 19 2009 10:20 AM EDT

oh, and BoTH has the same penalty. It's really closer to the damage of a VB. Both leeching weapons have this penalty, it just doesn't show in the base damage.

Rawr May 19 2009 10:23 AM EDT

that is silly

QBOddBird May 19 2009 10:25 AM EDT

I agree, I think the true base should show, but *shrug*

QBRanger May 19 2009 10:55 AM EDT

I agree,

If damages are changed due to hidden effects, it would be super nice to actually see it in the base stats.

IE the ELS is not actually 80, but more like 87, make it that way.

Or lower the MH from 84 to 76 if that is really what it be.

But right now, for my character, the ELS is a fantastic weapon.

No shield penalty, attacks right from the start of melee, and does pretty nice damage.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 19 2009 8:06 PM EDT

ELS gets me the win against Mikel...

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] May 19 2009 8:14 PM EDT

To think, I was made fun of for using the ELS.

QBRanger May 19 2009 8:46 PM EDT

Why novice?

What is the difference in damage between the BoNE and ELS?\

iBananco [Blue Army] May 19 2009 8:52 PM EDT

It's because with his massive DBs in play, the ELS hits 50% more than the BoNE.

Untouchable May 19 2009 8:52 PM EDT

VB should go die!

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