Start talk for Impaler: AoM or AoAC? (in General)

Talion May 21 2009 2:00 PM EDT

Right now I am using an AoM. But I am starting to wonder if I should use an AoAC instead?

AoM pros: Extra damage and extra NW allowance
AoAC pros: Extra AC

I figure the AoAC would help me mostly against tanks because they would have an even harder time doing enough damage to kill me during melee and I would also have extra protection again GA and RoBF.

However, I would become even weaker than I already am against DD spells because the extra AC would probably not compensate for the extra rounds it would take to to kill minions with 20% less STR at my disposal.

Am I missing anything?

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] May 21 2009 2:04 PM EDT

Another 3.5% decrease in damage just doesn't seem worth it.

QBOddBird May 21 2009 2:10 PM EDT

How close to your ENC limit are you?

Soul Eater May 21 2009 2:20 PM EDT

How bout removing all your armor and weapons. That would work right?

Talion May 21 2009 2:22 PM EDT

"How close to your ENC limit are you?"

I am right on it... maybe with one or two millions to spare at certain times.

QBOddBird May 21 2009 2:26 PM EDT

I'd stick with the AoM then. Extra allowance + a bit extra damage > 2% damage reduction or however much the AoAC would give you.

Cube May 21 2009 2:28 PM EDT

Definitely the AoM, considering your other gear. It'd give a much bigger damage boost than the AoAC would protection.

Talion May 21 2009 3:08 PM EDT

The points are well taken. I think I will stick with my AoM.

I just thought that since I am using a TSA and a BoTH, an AoAC giving me an extra 2% per round would eventually become significant... especially against GA. But I agree that overall, the AoM is sounds better.

Next question: Would I be better off with an SoD or should I stick with my ExBow? If I switch, should I retrain AMF/Evasion to DM/BL or DM/AP?

I am asking because I feel the nerf coming big time and I want to be prepared.

Cube May 21 2009 3:15 PM EDT

I like your strategy better with the Exbow. I'd be worried about a nerf except for two things, 1. Nightstrike uses an Exbow heh, and 2. You don't use an overly large Exbow that knocks out strength in one hit, which is what everyone is complaining about.

QBRanger May 21 2009 3:28 PM EDT

AoM without a doubt.
+3% per + is too good to pass up.

Esp since the best AoAcs are +22 which is only about 3.7% less damage taken.

I would certainly use a SoD rather than an exbow.

Cube May 21 2009 3:39 PM EDT

It's +2%, but still very good.

QBRanger May 21 2009 4:11 PM EDT

Just 2%, I confused it with the AoF.

Perhaps it should be 3% to keep up with the AoF.

Talion May 21 2009 4:11 PM EDT

"I would certainly use a SoD rather than an exbow."

Why? Just curious.

QBRanger May 21 2009 4:17 PM EDT

My feelings on the exbow and hopefully its potential future is well known.

However, it is a low damage nitch weapon. The SoD, does more damage injuring all minons on a character.

On characters with PL, it helps leech hp from the PL minion due to hitting the lower AC characters as well.

You will worry about GA, so I would not boost you SoD very high, but enough to do some decent damage.

While the exbow is so good at what it does, I personally feel we have reached the point I predicted a year ago. Large exbows on secondary minions hurting the game. It has to be changed, just has to be.
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