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PearsonTritonRaveshaw May 27 2009 6:34 PM EDT

Unreal Tournament 3. Does anybody play this beauty of a game? If not, how about L4D or Killing Floor? If so, we should totally get a game going on!

Invader Sye May 27 2009 7:02 PM EDT

I recently got rid of my L4D because it was just taking up a bunch of space.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw May 27 2009 8:47 PM EDT

Aww but it's a fun game!

Mojo Patroneus [My2ndClan] May 27 2009 8:57 PM EDT

I play Team Fortress 2, L4D, UT3 on Steam, mostly TF2 (by a wide margin).

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 27 2009 9:06 PM EDT

I desperately want to get Killing Floor.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw May 27 2009 9:24 PM EDT

Killing floor is entertaining. It's only $20, too. If you've ever played Left 4 Dead's survival mode, it's similar, but much more expanded. You have a lot more weapons and such, but there isn't as much team play going on. It's still a fun game and I highly recommend it. If any of you want to play these games with me, my steam name is Raveshaw. =)

AdminShade May 28 2009 1:08 AM EDT

I have played UT2004 for a long long long time, along with 7 friends we usually fought in many of the arenas.

UT3 is very nice, though for some a bit hard on their machine. It is a beauty of a game though :)

PearsonTritonRaveshaw May 28 2009 4:28 AM EDT

Yes I agree. I played the UT2k4 demo in Onslaught mode for quite some time, but I just never had the money to make the purchase. After seeing UT3 on Steam for only $20, I thought it was time to get back into my good ol' fragging days. Oh how I've missed the good old M-m-m-m-monster kills.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 28 2009 6:58 AM EDT

Eh, UT2k4 > UT3.

TheCakeIsTheTruth May 28 2009 12:32 PM EDT

I loved the announcer in UT3, after every streak. I'll have to get it again, loved the game.

TheCakeIsTheTruth May 28 2009 4:14 PM EDT

It's on for 50% off (9.99) on Steam, signed up and Ill probably buy it.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw May 28 2009 4:28 PM EDT

Aw man! I could have saved $10 if I had just waited! Grrrr!

Oh well. It's still worth it. The titan mutator is crazy. You fill up a bar by killing people and capturing points, doing that kind of stuff, and you press a button to turn into a titan. You get a ridiculously upgraded shock rifle and rocket launcher that shoots very fast and locks on super quick, and your ammo replenishes. When you die, your body explodes like a mini nuclear bomb. It's totally fun.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw May 29 2009 12:29 PM EDT

Well until June 7th, UT3 is only $10 and the Unreal Deal Pack, which includes Unreal Gold, Unreal Tournament GOTY, Unreal 2, UT2k4 and UT3, is only $20. It sucks how I bought UT3 a day or two before it went on sale. 8(

PearsonTritonRaveshaw May 29 2009 12:31 PM EDT

Oh and apparently you can download and play the full game of UT3 for free this weekend through steam, so y'all might want to check that out. =)

PearsonTritonRaveshaw May 31 2009 12:31 AM EDT

No? Then, anybody play Enemy Territory - Quake Wars?

TheCakeIsTheTruth May 31 2009 4:29 PM EDT

Tied UT3 a few times on my PC, never worked. I exceed all requirements, but the game always freezes. So I guess I won't buy it.

Demigod May 31 2009 6:07 PM EDT

That sounds like a GPU driver issue.
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