Lower Rewards for you! (in General)

AbbathorX May 27 2009 7:35 PM EDT

As my clan was autodisbanded after a good year of existence, all those who keep farming me will now get fewer clan points. Go attack someone else.

I never had trouble with this before supportership, I still contend that it has somehow caused more people to attack me than before :(
I do enjoy that I can now burn all my BA in 5.4 seconds though.
Any thoughts on how to get my 8% back? Anyone have a ridiculously large opening in their clan?


AdminShade May 28 2009 1:15 AM EDT

I am seriously wondering about 3 things:

1: you disliked being in a clan because you got fought more
2: you must have made experience from being attacked also
3: you want to join a clan again?

doesn't make too much sense to me. People can look you up just as well while you don't have supportership than when you do have it.

I still think it most likely just had something to do to the score and PR you were on at the time you got supportership and nothing really about being a supporter or not.
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