Halidon Familiar Rant (in General)

Demigod May 30 2009 7:25 PM EDT

After reading Novice's thread about which changes we want to see for changemonth, I saw the base Halidon Familiar in auctions that's likely to go for 1 million CB -- twice the value of other tattoos. I got to wondering why the Halidon is so highly valued.

Is the HF just overpowered compared to other tattoos when junctioned properly?

Is it just because the HF strategies are currently in vogue?

Is it because there are relatively few HFs in existence? For reference, here are the quantities of tattoos:

Jigorokano Familiar 410
Rune of Enlightenment 306
Halidon Familiar 125
Rune of Balrog Flame 208
Rune of Solitude 208
Steel Familiar 184
Tattoo of Augmentation 335
Electric Familiar 73
Ice Familiar 136
Tattoo of Endurance 287
Fire Familiar 225

And if you think the value is high solely because the quantity is half what you feel it should be, take note: There are 225 Fire Familiars in the game, and I have the third largest. I started this game on March 16th -- as in, recently. Don't you think that's a tad soon to have the third largest tattoo of its kind? My tat's only 2.3 million. If I were to ink it over to a HF, it wouldn't even be close to the top. The 10th place HF looks to be crowded with others at 5.4 million. While one could argue that the FF is just underpowered, it's clear that a disparity exists.

And I'd love it if someone with a HF around 2.3 mil would post where they stand in the top 50.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- May 30 2009 7:29 PM EDT

A Halidon Familiar lvl 3,160,081

Is rank 22. Dunno if that helps.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- May 30 2009 7:30 PM EDT

57.3m nw

QBRanger May 30 2009 7:54 PM EDT

The reason there are little high level FF is that FB sucks for a multi minion character.

Best compare apples to apples.

Where do HF stand in relation to RBF or RoS or even SF?

You could compare your FF to SF and see the same.

Untouchable May 30 2009 8:19 PM EDT

Hal is not overpowered


Burton May 30 2009 9:15 PM EDT

I like the Hal where it is, and I am not saying that because I have one.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] May 30 2009 9:33 PM EDT


That's a ToA that went for around 1.5M. Sometimes tats just get inflated for certain reasons. Yes OP items usually go for higher prices, yes the HAL is going for a high price in that instance. Just remember, correlation doesn't necessarily imply causation.

QBRanger May 30 2009 9:35 PM EDT

Well if we would spawn more via the Black Market, perhaps the price would go down.

But now we are trying to spawn a BoM.

Demigod May 30 2009 9:49 PM EDT

Tattoo pricing is the obvious litmus test for demand. If you feel that the tats are where they need to be strength-wise, then supply must be choked. Fair enough. After the BoM drops in the black market, either Spellboosters or the Halidon will be next. And that depends solely on how many deviant votes there are tomorrow...
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