Few Q about the new changelog 20% money (in General)

QBRanger June 6 2009 2:25 PM EDT

1) Did the NUB go up? I hear people are now at 401% when it was 360ish a couple weeks ago as I heard.

2) Is the 20% reduction a flat 20% to NUB rewards or 20% off the 360ish or more like 70% for them?

3) Why can I not get a drop? :)

QBOddBird June 6 2009 2:29 PM EDT

You want me to send you my ES?

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] June 6 2009 2:29 PM EDT

My ncb is 375 started in feb

QBRanger June 6 2009 2:30 PM EDT

You do realize that was my ES I was supposed to get?

At least how it was likely programmed as the Ranger Factor into the whole new changelog :)

DarkPrince June 6 2009 2:34 PM EDT

1. The NUB keeps going up as the game progresses. Because it is based on the #1 player's PR. My NUB was at 400% when I started--which was only 1 week ago.

2. From my knowledge it is a 20% deduction off all battles across the board. It doesn't matter if you are NUB or not. Jon just reprogrammed the formula to give 20% less cash that's all.

3. WHY CANT I GET A DROP EITHER? I've done over 1,500+ battles and still nothing. I think this thing is rigged. To make the powerful more powerful and the rich more rich. It's a conspiracy I'm telling you!!!

QBRanger June 6 2009 2:36 PM EDT

So it is 20% of now 400% or 80%?

Daz June 6 2009 2:37 PM EDT

Yeah, I've yet to see a drop as well. Also, I'm really noticing the money difference - I just started a NCB tank. Half my money was for BA, half for item upgrades.... Now its all for BA and hope for the best with enemies so I don't need as many upgrades.

Cube June 6 2009 2:48 PM EDT

It should be in the base rewards so you won't see a difference in the NUB % bonus number due to the reduction.

DarkPrince June 6 2009 2:52 PM EDT

Ranger: No... Basically it's like this. Jon reduced the money rewards for battles by 20%, not 20% of the NUB bonus. But the math works both ways. Because a reduction in money rewards by 20% is equivalent to bringing the NUB bonus down from 400% to 320%.

Hypothetical situation:

Let's say we were receiving $100 per battle before the change.
And the NUB bonus was at 400%.
$100 x 400% = $400

Now we add the 20% reduction to the money rewards.
$100 x 20% = $20
$100 - $20 = $80 (we get $80 per battle after the reduction)
Let's add the NUB bonus on as well.
$80 x 400% = $320

Now let's do it the other way and put the 20% reduction on the NUB bonus instead.
400% x 20% = 80%
400% - 80% = 320% (NUB bonus is brought down to 320% with the change)
Let's figure out the cash rewards now.
$100 x 320% = $320

As you can see. For NUBs it's basically a reduction in their NUB bonus. Not much of a deal for NUBs I think. I'm not having too big of a problem myself losing 20% of 400% because back when I played CB1 there was no such thing as a NUB bonus of 400%. LOL! So I'm grateful for it as it is. It just sucks for the non-NUB players I guess.

Django June 6 2009 2:52 PM EDT

With my NUB before the change I would get about 1100 to 1200 CBD a fight and now its about 800 to 900 CBD a fight. I hope that helps.

QBRanger June 6 2009 2:54 PM EDT


DarkPrince June 6 2009 2:56 PM EDT

You're welcome Ranger. I hope I cleared your doubts and answered your questions to your satisfaction.

QBOddBird June 6 2009 3:09 PM EDT

However, this does help fix the "RAWR PPL SUCK THEY HOARD ALL TEH GOOD STUFF" complaint. :D

DarkPrince June 6 2009 3:14 PM EDT

OB: LOL! Really? All I see now is... "RAWR! WHY ARENT I GETTING ANY DROPS? NO FAIR!" It's similar to the complaint you just mentioned. As for myself, I never had a problem with how the game was structured previously. People are able to buy rares from the auction house for a pretty decent price. I've been playing for about 1 week and I've already gathered several rares. So to those who were complaining that people horde all the rares: "GO TO THE AUCTION HOUSE!".

QBOddBird June 6 2009 3:24 PM EDT

DP - heh, it's been like...2, 3 days? They'll stop complaining soon enough.

And the problem was that the items rarely, if ever, hit the AH. They were kind of valuable and hard to get a hold of. I expect this may still be the case for some rares, such as the TSA and MgS, but we'll see.

20% doesn't seem too bad. NUBs do need cash to make up their missed time, but if they lose 20%, they still get a lot...what's important is the EXP calibration, far more so than the $$$.
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