PLEASE Give me your first useless item drop! (in Off-topic)

Untouchable June 9 2009 12:49 AM EDT


I'm making a character for peoples first rare drops and for each character will hold one of your items!

since i can only carry one tattoo i cant accept any more lesser tats.

Items i have so far;
-Ranger's Lesser Ice Familiar (bought from the store after he sold it, or i think he did)

give me your leather boots / gloves
and whatever useless junk you first achieved from drops from battles!

hurry before theres no more space!


Untouchable June 9 2009 12:50 AM EDT


SEND TO 'First Rare Drops'!

Lord Bob June 9 2009 12:59 AM EDT

You do know Ranger's Lesser Ice Familiar wasn't a drop, right?

Wizard'sFirstRule June 9 2009 1:00 AM EDT

hence the pranked

Lord Bob June 9 2009 1:02 AM EDT

Yep. Cube got us both.

Burton June 9 2009 1:02 AM EDT

gz fail

Untouchable June 9 2009 9:13 AM EDT

yes i do now realize that ^

Untouchable June 10 2009 7:34 PM EDT


TheCakeIsTheTruth June 10 2009 7:38 PM EDT

What's the benefit?

Untouchable June 10 2009 7:40 PM EDT

I'm keeping it in my "First Rare Drop" character forever.
and its for historical purposes.

You'll get your name on one of the minions with the item youve donated. Please make it a actually useless item drop [katana, ect.]

Untouchable June 10 2009 7:41 PM EDT

and this is just for fun

Untouchable June 11 2009 12:20 AM EDT

I just need two more items from 2 different people!

i really want this hahah

AdminShade June 11 2009 1:11 AM EDT

beggars should be fined instead! :p

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] June 11 2009 2:22 AM EDT

ok i'll give you my first item
my first item is .... o wait i haven't gotten 1 yet
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