NCB bug or gift from Jon? (in General)

AdminShade June 18 2009 2:25 PM EDT

<Shade> You may purchase up to 0 BA for $1,276 apiece.

Challenge bonus 9%
Clan bonus 13.7%
NCB (xp only) 360% <<-----------<----

AdminShade June 18 2009 2:26 PM EDT

now honestly I don't mind to get this gift on the last day of my NCB but is this a gift or not? :p

Rawr June 18 2009 2:28 PM EDT


idiotz June 18 2009 2:30 PM EDT

It's a gift. Shh. :p

AdminShade June 18 2009 2:32 PM EDT

Rawr: I would only hope I could use my Admin powers for my NCB, I'd make just enough money to buy BA every day :p

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] June 18 2009 2:41 PM EDT

SHOOT! There goes my chances.

AdminNightStrike June 18 2009 3:01 PM EDT

What's the issue?

winner winner June 18 2009 3:02 PM EDT

His BA prices were lowered

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] June 18 2009 3:03 PM EDT

and judging from past experience his ncb should have ended at cache flush, but he still has that even though his ba cost reverted back to non-ncb values.

AdminNightStrike June 18 2009 3:09 PM EDT

Ah... eh.. not too worried about it unless it persists.

AdminShade June 18 2009 3:15 PM EDT

The issue is that on my last full day of NCB, my BA price dropped by a factor 80%.

I got BA for the non NCB price ;p

AdminNightStrike June 18 2009 3:20 PM EDT

Yeah, but for one day

AdminShade June 18 2009 3:34 PM EDT

1 or 2, tomorrow morning when I wake up, I'll have a new batch of BA to buy.

AdminShade June 19 2009 1:14 AM EDT

You may purchase up to 100 BA for $1,276 apiece.

So the last 2 days of your NCB you can buy BA for the non NCB price.

Thanks for the gift! :)

Flamey June 19 2009 1:44 AM EDT

Hah, cool. That looks right, that's my BA price and we're similar MPR.
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