CoC, SG or Decay? (in General)

GnuUzir June 29 2009 12:27 PM EDT

I am thinking of re-training the FB on Black Mage into a melee round spell...

What do you guys think I should train?

I was thinking CoC because I have never really used it, not sure how effective SG is and Decay never really won points with me...

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Newlin [SeeD] June 29 2009 12:32 PM EDT

I would retrain to MM because you are doing most of your damage in ranged and it still does a fair amount in melee rounds. If you wanted to go with a melee spell I would recommend SG. CoC Isn't all that great because it takes a lot of backlash from AMF.

GnuUzir June 29 2009 1:03 PM EDT

I am doing a lot of ranged damage, but if the fight lasts into melee I want more of a punch and also to not burn my other minion...

The mage would probably only live through a few hits anyway, I am just trying to get the most bang for my buck...

Newlin [SeeD] June 29 2009 1:17 PM EDT

I don't know a lot about SG damage compared to CoC damage, but my SG does about 250k per hit with 6 million XP invested.

Rawr June 29 2009 1:21 PM EDT

most of your fights are either ranged or 1 or 2 rounds into melee. I don't think you should change anything.

QBRanger June 29 2009 1:28 PM EDT

You have a very nice setup.

The fireball will clear away a lot of the low hp minions left after your DM nukes their AS.

Letting your HF kill the most important enemy minions.

Those times you get to melee, o well.

The possible change I would consider is to go from FB to MM. Then you would have a front and back attacking set of minions.

Or the change I personally would do is get rid of the DD spell alltogether and make that last minion all DM.

You already have 2 attackers, one with an ELB and the other with a MsB. Use that other minion for support.

But if you must stay with a mage in the 2nd slot, change to MM.

Alternatively, you can drop the DD altogether and boost your DM very high and/or add AS.

GnuUzir June 29 2009 1:30 PM EDT

But that is the problem Rawr, I need some new opponents, my FB does not do that much that often...

I do not see it winning me any fights, I think/thought mixing it up might help and the fights I do win, I win by a lot...

GnuUzir June 29 2009 1:32 PM EDT

Hmm all DM is an option, I have ran with MM before and I was not that impressed...

Maybe 3/4 DM 1/4 AS?

I will have to think a bit...

QBRanger June 29 2009 1:33 PM EDT

Just remember, if you do go with AS, it can be dispelled rather easy by a moderate amount of DM. You may possibly want to have 20 hp on that minion, go all DM and perhaps a base decay using NS to do some possible damage.
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