BM voting (in General)

Rawr July 9 2009 3:25 AM EDT

Perhaps its just me but as of late I have been forgetting/wasting my Black Market vote. I don't really NEED any items and if I do I can probably find a better deal via FS/WTB threads... I am just curious, what incentive do/should I have to continue voting?

kevlar July 9 2009 3:27 AM EDT

for the benefit of others that aren't in your position... before you had all your stuff, you were in need too.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- July 9 2009 3:28 AM EDT

Well, It's always nice to spawn a brig and buy it for 800, then sell it for a few thousand =)

Rawr July 9 2009 3:40 AM EDT

Well thats what I'm saying its not really benefitting others if there are better deals that what the BM goes for...

Flamey July 9 2009 4:39 AM EDT

Puts more items into the supply, you're not hurting anyone by voting either.

Cube July 9 2009 12:56 PM EDT

Unless you happen to be selling the item that's going to spawn too.

QBRanger July 9 2009 1:08 PM EDT

There is no personal incentive.

However, there is possibly a desire to help you fellow CBer get an item they need.

Something that would help them challenge you to be better with your character.

That stated... You have no obligation to vote, or if you do vote, for any specific item.

And you never know, perhaps in the future, you may need an item spawned. The perhaps others can vote for the one you need.

Rawr July 9 2009 2:50 PM EDT

Well by not voting (reducing items in supply I suppose) this will keep prices higher which is a good thing for me.... and for non-USD spenders perhaps? I am against USD spending (besides supportership, of course).

QBRanger July 9 2009 3:24 PM EDT

That depends.

Higher prices, especially with the new drop system, may make it harder to get the items you need in the future.

I try to think of CB as a whole, not just my personal playing experience as without everyone, the game shrivels up.

Lochnivar July 9 2009 4:41 PM EDT

"this will keep prices higher which is a good thing for me.... and for non-USD spenders perhaps?"

I don't see how this benefits the the average non-USD spender on CB as they would have to wait much longer (with 20% less cash rewards) to be able to afford equipment.

I agree with Ranger, more competition = good CB experience

There is no 'winning' when you play by yourself :-)
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