I almost died? (in Off-topic)

Pwned July 16 2009 10:49 AM EDT

I went whiter water rafting yesterday with a buddy and his coworkers it was two to a raft so I ended up with some big security guard guy. It was pretty calm and it had not rained for awhile so the water was pretty shallow. Right before the rapids I fell out.

The big guy got my hand right after the start of the rapids but couldn't hold on. I started to go down faster than the raft then I got hold of something and the raft went over me so I had to let go or drown with the raft over me I couldn't get air. A few more painful seconds witch seemed like minutes I got ahold of the side of the raft and tried to get back in again the guy grabbed on to my hand but the current was way to strong, I rolled around in the water and my wrist got twisted really bad and the guy lost his grip.

I slipped back in for another beating, my legs were getting torn up, I didn't have a helmet and the life jaket seemed to be only making things worst it did however deflect one blow on my back, as I rolled down the rapids, whitch seemed like a eternity, the raft eventually got close enough for another chance to get in. I got ahold of the raft and pulled myself in just for the last three seconds of the rapids.

We got to a calm area and regrouped the guy was traumatized he said he had me twice but couldn't hold on and was thinking of what to say to my buddy. He thought I was gonna die. I didn't feel like I was gonna die but it must've been in my face expressions the guy saw? He was really scared, but yea thats my story, Im ok though just my wrist and ribs hurt alittle but nothing to much.

QBsutekh137 July 16 2009 10:59 AM EDT

Glad you are OK!

AdminShade July 16 2009 11:12 AM EDT

Indeed, glad you are ok, not only for you and your buddy but also for the big security guy!

p.s I've added a few paragraphs to your story to make a bit more readable, I hope you don't mind :$

Demigod July 16 2009 11:16 AM EDT

Scary experience. I used to white water raft and do a little kayaking, and things can go from fun to frightening quickly. I'm not sure what kind of raft you were in that only held two people (inflatable kayak?), but not wearing a helmet wasn't a smart move.

I had a friend get recycled under a raft in a class 3 rapid. The current kept spinning her under the raft until we cleared the bumps, and she emerged with only minor cuts but in a full blown panic attack.

On my last trip, we flipped the raft before going into two consecutive class 4 rapids. Somehow, we all managed to climb onto the bottom of the inverted raft right before going in. It was an incredibly stupid move on our parts, but... well... at least we had helmets. :)

I'm glad to hear you're okay, and hopefully the experience won't turn you away from another white water trip.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] July 16 2009 11:48 AM EDT

Glad to hear it's only minor injuries!

I went on a float trip with a bunch of co-workers a few weekends back, towards the last 2 minutes we hit a fork in the river, and we were told that, even though it was a rest area to the left, that it's hard to get going again because it is so shallow there. So we went to the right, where we found the worst current of the day. There was a tree overhanging the river a good 15 feet in from the left, we paddled around that, but then there were 2 tree overhanging the river from the right now. We went straight into the middle of the 2 trees, wrapping up our 2 rafts as they were tied together, along with our 120 qt. cooler/raft. As we were floating into the trees, we all yelled "duck" but not everyone heard us, and one of the girls got hit upside the head right above the eye. As fast as we were going, Im surprised it didn't knock her out.
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