Minion picture suggestion. (in General)

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- July 16 2009 8:04 PM EDT

Why not have the ability to put little pictures next to minions in the unused space when inspecting a character. Would be pretty neat.

For example:

Lord Bob July 16 2009 8:08 PM EDT

As long as they're not bigger than 80*80, why not?

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 16 2009 8:16 PM EDT

That would be cool :)

Dark Dreky July 16 2009 8:49 PM EDT

I'd like to see premade pics for minion types rather than allowing any pics to be uploaded.

Maybe have a "class type" picture for each type, these could be:

-Mage (different for each DD type?)
-Tank (melee/ranged)
-Maybe some hybrid options tank/enchanter, mage/enchanter??

Rawr July 16 2009 8:51 PM EDT

Well what if its a mage that has half AMF half MM? or something like that? I don't see how premade pictures can be easily determined. Whaat would clasify a wall? lots of HP? high AC? so what if theres is a high AC mage? uploaded pictures would be easier imo. And more fun :D

Dark Dreky July 16 2009 8:55 PM EDT

User would choose silly =P

Dark Dreky July 16 2009 8:56 PM EDT

"Well what if its a mage that has half AMF half MM?"

Refer to my post... Hybrid options.

Lord Bob July 16 2009 9:08 PM EDT

"I'd like to see premade pics for minion types rather than allowing any pics to be uploaded."

I would not. Let people define what their own minions look like, based on how they imagine them. Don't make them adhere to some kind of in-game standard.

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 16 2009 9:13 PM EDT

I kinda suggested something like this before..but I suggested pics of minions looking different depending what they wore...So a Adam would appear different than a MCM (and so on and so on)... .But I was told that that's too much work and server might not be able to handle it.

Lord Bob July 16 2009 9:18 PM EDT

That could be done in Flash, but... ugh. Let's not introduce Flash into this game.

Dark Dreky July 16 2009 9:23 PM EDT

"Let's not introduce Flash into this game."

Why not?

Lord Bob July 16 2009 9:29 PM EDT

Because I think the majority of us would rather not see CB bogged down with fancy graphics and long load times.

Demigod July 16 2009 9:57 PM EDT

Three things:

1. I really like the idea.
2. It won't happen. I just can't see Jon doing it.
3. Mandos, your minion just looks like a lumpy oval. :P

I was going to make a 4th point about pictures of minions who don't wear pants...

IndependenZ July 17 2009 3:55 AM EDT

I like the idea of pre-made sets, and although I think it's a lost cause, here's what I came up with. What if those pre-made pictures were customizable, but only for the system?

Make it react to weapons and armor and spells and stuff. Learning AMF will get you characteristic A, learning GA will get you characteristic B, etc. And when you equip a Helm of Clearsight, it would appear on your little minion picture as some sort of helm. Heck you can even do it that when AMF takes up 50% of your experience, the blonde hair that came with AMF grows bigger/longer than when you had AMF to 33%. That way, the uniqueness of a minion will still remain, and you don't have to worry about everybody uploading weird and bulky pics.

BluBBen July 17 2009 4:12 AM EDT

First problem with your idea is that we miss pants in this game.
All minion pictures will be un PG! lol

[Jedi] Danludar July 17 2009 5:25 AM EDT

Why is it that there is only one pair of pants in this game. My theory, Jon designed the game in his undies. Anyways enough of that, it'd be a pretty cool idea. We could get a list of minion pictures to put there and choose from which ones we like. It'd have to be a pretty good list though, maybe someone would wanna draw something up?

Phaete July 17 2009 5:45 AM EDT

Why not upload a team picture with all your characters in there?
I did.
(it helps that i play single minion)
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