Wacky Time Idea (in General)

BHT July 25 2009 12:05 PM EDT


During Wacky Days, allow the user to choose if he wants 60% more XP or 60% more cash.

ALSO add another option where they can choose to get a 60% better chance of an item drop.

QBRanger July 25 2009 12:09 PM EDT


Things are well balanced right now.

Instead of a 60% better chance for a drop, how about we remove this lottery entirely?

Aera Cura July 25 2009 12:10 PM EDT

Yes but you an always take out a loan.

Aera Cura July 25 2009 12:13 PM EDT

That was meant for the other thread =p oops.

Demigod July 25 2009 12:15 PM EDT

Those who are really playing the game would almost always choose EXP. Those who are just playing for profit would ride the money train all the way.

BootyGod [Superheros] July 26 2009 3:33 AM EDT

Why not? Letting players choose would remove the sense of "randomness" from the wacky exp time.

Lord Bob July 26 2009 4:05 AM EDT

I agree with Ranger.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 27 2009 2:41 PM EDT

I agree with Lord Bob.

Admiralkiller July 27 2009 2:45 PM EDT

I agree with Marlfox.

Cube July 27 2009 4:46 PM EDT

If you really want, you could sell futures on your drops.
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