New Item Idea (in General)

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] August 3 2009 6:11 PM EDT

Came up with this idea earlier. Just want to throw it out there for people.

How about a Cloak of invisibility. It would be +20 instead of +10 like the amulet and have a higher NW and PR cost but be non upgradeable and act exactly the same as the Amulet. The reduction would stack with the amulet so together they would get a straight -40 to cth which can reduce below base cth unlike evasion or DBs.

What do you think about it. This couldn't be used by people with tattoos but would be good for a leadership leader giving the AoL much more use and also allow for tanks to be able to have it instead of an EC and use an AoM instead.

It brings more options to the game :)

Demigod August 3 2009 6:32 PM EDT

In a previous new item thread, one of the items mentioned was gloves or boots to reduce the backlash of FB. I'd like to see that item, but it would probably need to be useful for other DD spells as well.

Rawr August 3 2009 7:18 PM EDT

Then you'd be able to use AoL and BoF together. Overpowered, maybe not. But certainly a big boost to an already strong feature.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] August 3 2009 7:22 PM EDT

Well having a Skill or Once again me with this "Innate Talent" thing could come into play at a certain level.

The N*B is regulated by the TOP 5 Chars MPR if I remember Right. Well If Whatever DD or Skill's Innate Talent (Second Nature?) were regulated the same way for when it kicks in then there would be no hard cap. The curve would be created then for whatever you may need as a buff to whatever Skill/DD Spell.

Lets say the Top 5 users of Whatever Skill/DD Spell had "Blah" Mil Trained then use that as a way to regulate a point of "Enlightenment/Expertise" say maybe 50 - 70% of the Average of the Top 5 Users would be that point. Then the Innate Talent kicks in and starts to Grow similar to the MTL we already have. This however would be dependent solely on how much of the Skill/DD Spell you train rather than anything else like HP, STR, or Dex.

In the Case of Fire Ball the Backsplash Damage would be reduced because of Expertise in said DD Spell.

In UCs Case Maybe a Buff to Damage or Added Dex/Endurance.

For CoC maybe a Front to back Buff in Damage.

ToE could get a buff to assist with Resistance to GA Damage.

The other Tats/Runes/Familiars/DD Spells/Skills could/should get something as well but once again that is up to people smarter than me.

Honestly though the sky is the limit with this thought it is up to others if they decide to perpetuate it.

On Another Note Nayab and I discussed this:

Orb of Power?Damage: +2% bonus per enchantment point to DD Spells,-1 or 2% penalty per enchantment point to EO/ED spells.

Orb of Solitude/Defense: +2% bonus per enchantment point to ED spells, -1 or 2% penalty per enchantment point to DD/EO spells.

Orb of Weakness/Offense: +2% bonus per enchantment point EO spells, -1 or 2% penalty per enchantment point to ED/DD spells

Make the Orbs blanket the negative effect on the entire party or what if they functioned at a lower level if you do not have another EO/ED/DD? -1% so its full effectiveness is only 1% per point with a high upgrade curve.

I think either one of these if a Person were open and wanted to COULD flesh them out more and leave them as they are or translate them into another Item such as the Gloves or what not. Take as you will there's my 2 cents.......again
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