Super duper contest!!! (in Contests)

hahahhaa August 30 2009 11:26 AM EDT

Ok, here are the rules. I've already decided on a name for my shiny new character but if you can find me a name that I'll use instead. You win 250k. IF no one finds a name that I'll use then the name I like best will win 100k. GO!!!

Zenai August 30 2009 11:29 AM EDT

CoD the Carper

Admiralkiller August 30 2009 11:31 AM EDT

The Devil's Hound Dogs.
Grave Diggers.

Lefty August 30 2009 11:38 AM EDT

Okay v1.3

Zenai August 30 2009 11:48 AM EDT

Okay Facepalm V1.0

Chaos Griever August 30 2009 1:18 PM EDT

Rainbow Butt Monkeys. =]]

Apoclyspe August 30 2009 1:35 PM EDT


Drama [Just for fun] August 30 2009 1:58 PM EDT

Tiberium prophets

cube.the August 30 2009 2:40 PM EDT

Ham R8dio

hahahhaa August 30 2009 5:26 PM EDT

I guess it'll end on Tuesday at 12:00 pm server time.

Zenai August 30 2009 5:28 PM EDT

SK's Okay Revenge

sorry Admiralkiller I couldn't resist XD

hahahhaa August 30 2009 5:30 PM EDT

I'm really liking Okay's Revenge right now.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] August 30 2009 5:32 PM EDT

What type of team is it? How many minions? Tattoo or familiar? All of these things go into a name and you expect us to pull one out of a hat?

Arcaria Menagerie

hahahhaa August 30 2009 5:34 PM EDT

"All of these things go into a name and you expect us to pull one out of a hat? "

Answer to that question. Yes.

hahahhaa August 31 2009 12:31 PM EDT

IP To What When
SK (Item Storage) Zenai (FuerGrissa ost Drauka) $250000 12:31 PM EDT

Contest over, like Okay's Revenge a lotttt.

Demigod August 31 2009 12:43 PM EDT

Ha! AdmiralKiller missed out. ;)
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