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[Jedi] Danludar August 31 2009 10:24 PM EDT

I need some advice.

My team is doing pretty well, but I have this small issue. My challenge bonus went from a constant 100% down to a norm of 50-60%. Now I'd like to keep it at 100% or close to it, but I can't seem to add anyone. Can anyone show me the error in my strategy that is preventing my growth.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] August 31 2009 10:30 PM EDT

If you last till melee, i bet a SoC will get you a few wins against tanks.

[Jedi] Danludar August 31 2009 10:32 PM EDT

The morg is a rental. I'm not really interested in keeping it all that much to be honest. Just adds a clan opponent

Burton August 31 2009 10:32 PM EDT

Halidon Familar + Amulet of Junction

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] August 31 2009 10:40 PM EDT

im not sure that'd work with his exp concentration, might make his actual tank worthless.

AdminShade September 1 2009 1:06 AM EDT

upgrading weapons usually helps.

[Jedi] Danludar September 1 2009 1:17 AM EDT

Hal would plummet my tank into near useless. I just upgrade my ELB to x2k and I grabbed a few rentals so i'm hoping maybe that'll help

Burton September 1 2009 1:22 AM EDT

Well, you would have to change your strat around abit to adjust to the Hal. But I was just giving my opinion on the matter, since I run a Hal/AoJ setup and do very good with it. :)

[Jedi] Danludar September 1 2009 1:23 AM EDT

I like the Hal's, but i really can't afford to go grab an AoJ. I have some debt to deal with because I was way to far behind with my other items.

Sickone September 1 2009 3:27 AM EDT

"My challenge bonus went from a constant 100% down to a norm of 50-60%. "

Score 3,264,066
Power 1,212,867
MPR 830,695
...how do you get a score nearly 3 times your PR if you only attack targets 1.5-1.6 times higher ?

Methinks you either "fixed your problem" already and forgot to tell us about it, or simply forgot to tell us about something important (like, say, oh, you DO have one or two targets you get a 100% CB from).

Almaisky September 1 2009 8:29 AM EDT

You might want to consider moving your PL wall to the front, your tank to the back, and your enchanter in the middle.

If you're facing an MM team you're on the borderline of beating, move the enchanter to the back.

Since your PL wall has roughly 2.5x the AC as your enchanter, you'll save HP against physical attacks by allowing them to hit your PL wall. (Even more HP than the 10% reduction for PL)

Also, consider investing exp into SS on your PL wall.

[Jedi] Danludar September 1 2009 11:46 AM EDT

I took the morg off and forger fury let me borrow his +15 Bg's. I also rented some stuff that upped my DM. They assisted me in getting some new kills and a higher bonus. Still wish I had a bigger list though is my only issue. I was thinking about moving my PL wall to the front, but I wasn't sure if I'd start getting destroyed by MM teams that way.

miteke [Superheros] September 1 2009 1:16 PM EDT

MM targets the back. Why would moving the PL to the front hurt?

[Jedi] Danludar September 1 2009 11:52 PM EDT

I don't get the resistance from my MgS if He isn't in the back.
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