Rate a comment? What do you think. (in General)

Drama [Just for fun] September 4 2009 8:31 PM EDT

Could it be nice to be able to rate a comment you like. The same way Youtube's work but maybe without a negative rating.

What do you think.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- September 4 2009 8:32 PM EDT


Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 4 2009 8:32 PM EDT

I rate this comment +2.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] September 4 2009 8:35 PM EDT

So those who think every word they put to pixel is appreciated as canon can get some realistic feedback.

Drama [Just for fun] September 4 2009 8:36 PM EDT

Why not?

No really, for fun or maybe if you've miss a thread and it as now 40 comments, instead of reading all of them, you go with the one with the higher rates.

I dunno :s

Drama [Just for fun] September 4 2009 8:37 PM EDT

See Bast, I would rate you up for grammatical. :)

SuperHD September 4 2009 8:38 PM EDT

irrelevant, every comment on Cb worth to be read... if its not liked there will be no reply to it thats all.

in the same kind of idea, why not have a battle win ratio indicative light next to opponent in the fight list... see..irrelevant

Drama [Just for fun] September 4 2009 8:42 PM EDT

Sometimes you don't have the time to read every comments.

SuperHD September 4 2009 8:47 PM EDT

but sometime u read a thread and u know u will not respond to it...you know...because it doest reach you inner self...

its not only about missing a complete Thread cause your away...

ok times over see u soon CB fellow.

BootyGod September 4 2009 8:50 PM EDT

Eh. Not a bad idea, really. Just not one there is a use for. I'd prefer a quote and a reply feature first.

Rating systems for threads never seem to be used for much.

Drama [Just for fun] September 4 2009 8:52 PM EDT

Ilike the quote and reply to a specific comment idea. True it's way more useful then a rate. I gave it a try =)

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] September 4 2009 9:26 PM EDT

The same people would always get the most "thumbs up". Making everyone else's posts less important in appearance.


[Jedi] Danludar September 4 2009 9:30 PM EDT

I think it'd be a good idea. I know I don't always have the time to read a billion comments on a thread, but I'd sure like to know what the hot debate is.

Sometimes I wonder if Super is off his rocker....:)

TheHatchetman September 4 2009 10:18 PM EDT

Wonder no more! For he *is* off his rocker ^_^

Demigod September 4 2009 10:51 PM EDT

I don't like this idea. It works very well for comments on large blogs and forums, but I think CB is too small for it... I have a feeling it will just fuel petty fights.

My understanding is that it's used when moderators can't keep up. It lets the readers determine what's spam/trolling and grays-out low ranked comments. We don't tend to get spam and our admins are pretty quick to stop cussing.

AdminShade September 5 2009 5:54 AM EDT

I think it is not a bad idea but not a desired idea for such a population as CB. It could induce spam, but that would be rejected and given -1's.

But what eventually would happen, nothing. giving pluses and minuses only is a sign of popularity mostly than actual helpfulness.

I would rather see the question asker say thank you at his last reply in his thread.
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