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gols090 [forge of me] September 7 2009 2:26 PM EDT

Could someone direct me to a site for beginners in HTML? I want to do things like a table on these forums but I've never used HTML before.

I could google but maybe you guys have a special suggestion :)

[Jedi] Danludar September 7 2009 2:28 PM EDT is my favorite

AdminG Beee September 7 2009 2:46 PM EDT

The answer's always there if you know how to look :) CB Wiki

AdminShade September 7 2009 2:51 PM EDT is the best site to check and learn, it has examples and more :)

gols090 [forge of me] September 7 2009 2:52 PM EDT

Thanks guys. I'm trying things out right now :D

kevlar September 7 2009 3:07 PM EDT

I use this site

Lord Bob September 7 2009 3:48 PM EDT

Already mentioned twice, but is by far the best place to go for Web tutorials.

AdminG Beee September 7 2009 3:54 PM EDT

3 times Bob. It's in the official CB wiki link I posted too :)
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