My Upcomming Contest (in General)

Django September 12 2009 1:35 AM EDT

I will be holding a contest within the next week or two. It is going to be like the contest SHD did a few months back. There are going to be numbers 1-800. It will cost 20K per number. Each player can buy up to 10 numbers. Shade will be helping me by keeping track of all the numbers so it wont be so confusing. All money will be sent to tourneyprizes. I wanted to do a contest to help fund the next tourney. The prizes will range from about a 1M value up to a 3M value. I will be giving out about 10-15 prizes worth about 25M. So you should have a decent chance of winning something. I just wanted to post this to let everyone know ahead of time so we can have a good number of participants. Thank You.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 12 2009 1:41 AM EDT

I would very much like to be apart of this.
Might set aside 200k now while i still have it.

AdminShade September 12 2009 11:01 AM EDT

Indeed, I will help him keeping track of the numbers. Not sure how I'll be doing it but I might keep the table in a different thread or something like that.

Daz September 12 2009 11:43 AM EDT

You could make an open google spreadsheet. If someone can edit it with their numbers, they do so, if they can't they just make a note that they didn't. That way people just have to look on the sheet, then look at entries after the last "Spreadsheet updated" post that are marked as not added.

Django September 14 2009 12:21 AM EDT

Help support our next tourney! Since I have all my items for the contest now, I will be starting it in a few days. Here are the prizes:

1. Elven long Bow 2.4M NW
2. SOD 2.1M NW
3. Amulet of Junction +9
4. Sb's
5. Corn
6. Amulet of Focus
7. NSC's
8. Corn
9. BoE
10. HoC
11. EG's + 500K CBD
12. TSA
13. 1M CBD
14. 1M CBD
15. I'll forge 3M NW on any item

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] September 14 2009 12:25 AM EDT

Count me in ;)

BluBBen September 14 2009 1:57 AM EDT

I'm in :-)

kevlar September 14 2009 2:04 AM EDT

sounds great
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