Bot checks are of the devil. (in General)

RaptorX September 15 2009 8:46 AM EDT

I just failed 2 bot checks and I am sad. well OK honestly I am angry. I would be really angry If I didn't have the money(which I don't to pay to off)and I hadn't already used up enough BA to get me through the hour of bonus XP time without losing more precious BA. So I'm not too bad, but seriously, who comes up with these pics?? Has to be some Satanic thing. I can't program, I can't cheat if I wanted to... which I don't. Fact is I just can't type. And the bot checks like to remind me of that. Grr. Oh And I just had one two or 3 fights back then these came along. One I just messed up.. didn't see the tail on the p of something but the next one was looked like 'ares' but the e didn't have a good loop or a dot above it to be an 'i', I have looked at it for a while now (now that I am banned for a an hour and nothing else to do.. cough. ) but I still can't figure it out. so I figure it is just there to aggravate me... I swear it is of the devil.. Can we have that pic discarded at least. ? I saved it but can't paste it here.

Did I mention, I don't like the bot checks? Often I mistype them and that erks me too. (mad at myself) And sometimes they are dang indecipherable? OK I feel a bit better now that I have spewed my rant. Thanks for being my Therapists, :) and Yes, I do need a Therapist.. So what!!? We all have issues. Admit it.


Adminedyit [Superheros] September 15 2009 9:09 AM EDT

try this link it'll help you out some

RaptorX September 15 2009 9:23 AM EDT

That is a cool link but I rarely miss any of those practice ones.. They have more height or something so dots don't get cropped out. , but when I know my BA is on the line -- That is when I mess up. But Thanks anyway. Oh and I see that my BA is not refreshing right now, while I can't play.. That is adding insult to injury isn't it? come on.. Brings to mind a favorite quote: "Why did you say that name? I hate that name. Why don't you just give me a paper cut, and pour lemon juice on it!? We're closed!"

RaptorX September 15 2009 9:26 AM EDT

OOHHH, so NOW my BA starts refreshing?? Are you sure some little demon isn't just in this program, hidden inside, messing with me today?

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] September 15 2009 9:30 AM EDT

BA doesn't accrue during a 1 hour ban.

RaptorX September 15 2009 9:43 AM EDT

Ya my ban was just over.. That is cruel though. I didn't cheat. I just mistyped some indecipherable code. Oh well.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] September 15 2009 9:46 AM EDT

Don't worry, it's happened to us all. I also sometimes miss botchecks in the morning b/c I'll fall asleep while playing cb, and my finger gets stuck on the enter button.

VsCountStrum [Black Watch] September 15 2009 9:46 AM EDT

Unfortunately, they are there for a very good reason. They can be a pain, but without them the game would be ruined. I have known several other games that just became a contest of who could write the most efficient macro.

RaptorX September 15 2009 9:57 AM EDT

Thanks guys. I feel a bit better now to know you understand. Artemis that is funny. I can picture that.
But don't you love the Billy Chrystal quote from "the Princess Bride" I know I messed it up a little.
Wish there was a way to 'call for a help line' or something if you mess up or can't figure out the bot check. Guess the Admins would then have to be somewhat all knowing to determine if we were using a macro though. Well sorry about the rant. I love you guys... OK, not really. Thanks though.

AdminShade September 15 2009 9:58 AM EDT

Raptor, these are your last missed bot checks:

8:13 AM EDT arcs ares
8:13 AM EDT tons tops

"but the next one was looked like 'ares' but the e didn't have a good loop or a dot above it to be an 'i', "

Indeed, looked like ares but the c doesn't contain a good loop.
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