Come home soon j'bob! (in Off-topic)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 1 2009 11:37 AM EDT

I've been informed that j'bob is headed for the door... send him a farewell greeting or beg him to reconsider!

j'bob October 1 2009 11:48 AM EDT

LOL, j'bob has been going in and out the door for some time now, he's a fickle character at best. This thread was certainly unnecessary (/me glares at nov) but appreciated. And to think he just likes to come and go quietly (/me glares at j'bob)

Ok, so since I'm here, as I said to nov, I tired of the game-play here some time ago... I've been out of chat for AGES... the forums are really the only reason I kept logging in. They used to be filled with witty repartee and friendly banter. Not that they're not anymore, it just seems different. And if it's just me, then all the more reason for a vacation.

I do have a vague theory that you people here have a hard time getting along because you know each other too well. It's like a family living together and NEVER EVER moving away. Well, you probably don't have to move out of the house, just lighten up and get out side some.

I'm quite sure I'll be back now and again... in fact I think I said something like that after the lottery last time.

I'd hug you all, but that's just not what a true man of action does...


Buddy Lee

PS one final note. If you're a Dan Brown fan and like American lore, The Lost Symbol is an excellent read. Far better than his two "non Langdon" books and easily as good, if not better in some ways (though naturally strikingly similar) to either Angels and Demons or The DaVinci Code.


AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] October 1 2009 11:52 AM EDT

Bye J'bob, visit us often or come back soon.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] October 1 2009 12:08 PM EDT

you cannot fool us, you return to see if pants have been added only to have your hopes dashed and thus retreat for some alone time to lick your emotional wounds! ; )

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 1 2009 4:15 PM EDT


(As for Dan Brown, does the lost symbol follow the exact same formula his other 4 books do? Seriosuly, they could all have been the same story, just set in different locations. The hero/heroine is *always* betrayed by thier closest friend/mentor... If so, I'll pass. ;) I've already read it, 4 times. ;) )

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 1 2009 5:17 PM EDT

Hehe, come back soon j'bob!

QBsutekh137 October 1 2009 5:39 PM EDT

God speed, Buddy Lee!

Demigod October 1 2009 6:15 PM EDT

See you next week.

BootyGod October 1 2009 8:58 PM EDT

I miss him so. I've always missed him... DON'T LEAVE ME J'BOB. It's cold.... So cold.......

Burton October 2 2009 1:49 AM EDT

Last login: 12:42 AM EDT
Welcome back

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 2 2009 1:57 AM EDT

remember us in all your endeavours, see you soon!

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] October 3 2009 3:49 PM EDT

See you next changemonth ^_^

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] October 3 2009 4:43 PM EDT

We may have had our back and forth J'Bob but it is never good to see a Vet leave. Don't forget CB Land and I hope that you return.
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