An Admin Request, an observation and a question (in General)

Vicious Cat October 4 2009 3:03 AM EDT

Can I trouble an admin to unretire one of my characters for the usual fee please?
This seems to be happening more often lately - my two 'bank' characters keep getting auto-retired - is there anything in the code that has changed? I never used to get this, and now I have them at a better score than they ever used to be, because of this.
Would it be easy enough to stick a check in to see if you had brought a char out of retirement recently, and so not auto-retire him?

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] October 4 2009 3:57 AM EDT

Which character do you want unretired? Also, if you don't want your character auto-retired. Don't hire any minions, your character will never be auto-retired then. The only reason they get auto-retired is because their score/pr ratio is absurdly out of whack.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] October 4 2009 6:41 AM EDT

Score 18
Power 3,298
MPR 19

score is much much lower then power causing it to auto retire.

Vicious Cat October 4 2009 8:46 AM EDT

No idea how that happened :-(

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] October 4 2009 11:49 AM EDT

it is from the Items you have equipped on each minion. Suggestion Load your guys up then unequip them., you get plenty of slots....I think it is 25. Leave the things on it that do not add a lot to PR and use your slots for everything else. I used to have Tons of items and found this was just the easiest thing to do to keep this same problem from happening. the Catch is when it is full no more xfers to it :-/

This is one of the reasons why I asked for something like an Items Vault or Rental Storage it would circumvent this problem and leave room for things like tourney chars and the like.
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