Strategy idea and a question about it. (in General)

Joel October 6 2009 11:11 AM EDT

Recently, I've been thinking of ways to boost my DM enough to counter the many enchantment based defense teams out there.
I found out about Corn. boosting EO levels including DM, but I think my HoC would be better for me on my single minion than a Corn.
Then I thought of this: I buy a minion (at the highest rate) and make it train DM only and put a Corn on it.
Then I untrain DM on my other minion and retrain it into HP and Strength.
I think this will work well: my new minion will have 1/3 of the amount of exp. that my main minion does now (right?) so after training DM with all its exp. and renting a good Corn then its DM will be at around what my single minion had trained.
With this strategy I can maximize my tank's damage while also having the same DM and eventually more because I'll be buying a Corn to pump money into.

I also thought of an extreme way to achieve much more DM power: I put my ToA on my newly hired minion and train only HP. My main minion will untrain everything but DM, maximize DM, and equip the Corn.
This one seems really unbalanced but it may be the only way I'll really destroy those RoS teams. Of course I could be entirely mistaken and be underestimating those RoS teams ;p

So! What do you guys think! I need expert opinions on both strats.
I would also like to add my wish for a CB change here: I want more items to boost DM! I feel that DM is underpowered and extreme strategies are necessary to beat RoS teams. I am able to beat some RoS teams that are around my MPR so maybe I'm just being selfish.
Thank you guys for your time!

Brakke Bres [Ow man] October 6 2009 11:16 AM EDT

Its not the RoS that beats your team, its GA get used to it. And yes you are selfish since not everyone that has ED, has a RoS.

And no, you're better of staying single minion since XP rewards are then split between 2 minions. This means a weaker damage minion and a weak DM minion.

So you're basically left with two choices: Stay single minion, boost DM more, but less HP, STR and DX. Or get a new minion, split the XP between two minion but that would result in a weaker damage minion.

QBRanger October 6 2009 11:29 AM EDT

If you plan on using a ToA your entire characters career, then a 2nd minion would not be a bad idea.

The ToA has enough of a boost to str/dex/pth to let you hire another minion for DM and have enough stats on the tank to do very well.

I would mostly train HP on the tank using the ToA for dex and strength.

The enchanter could be all DM, or even DM with some GA.

Joel October 6 2009 11:53 AM EDT

Thats exactly what I was thinking Ranger! I'm glad that you gave me a second opinion on this! I am planning on using ToA my entire career and I'm using only my ToA for my Str. and Dex. with none naturally trained. So, I should put my exp. into just HP eh? I think that would be a better idea than to split it with strength because I'm having a little trouble staying alive in ranged against some teams and if I could survive past the first round in melee then I could beat more mage teams.
I'm not fighting any teams with tanks in them, and I don't feel any need to be able to beat them. I'll be happy to just have the highest DM in the game. In fact, that is my long term goal!

QBsutekh137 October 6 2009 12:15 PM EDT

Joel, I believe the new minion will have one NINTH the experience, not one third. The cost is one-third, and then you get one experience point for every 3 dollars. The Wiki says "A third of what you spend in experience", and the amount you spend is already one-third of the biggest minion's experience. So, one-third times one-third is one-ninth.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong on that...

QBRanger October 6 2009 12:38 PM EDT

Yes, you're right Sut.

However, if Joel hires another minion now, at only 500k MPR, by the time he is 3M MPR, the difference between the 2 minions will be very little. Not enough to be noticable.

And Joel, I would pump up the HP. Let your items help boost the strength like a BoM and EBs. If you can afford them later, DBs would be nice, but unless they are over 100, are likely not better than EBs.

And forget about having the highest DM, Sut has that.

But with an enchanter as another minion you can use the following equipment on it to help out:

AoL or AoI

Later, if you have problems with exbows, you can use your enchanter, with a bit of str and hp to help for a round vs the drain of those stupid stupid items.

QBsutekh137 October 6 2009 12:46 PM EDT

Yes, good point, Ranger, just wanted to make sure Joel knew about that extra factor of 1/3rd, as I didn't realize that until I was about a quarter of the way into my NCB with Hubbell. *smile*

Joel October 6 2009 3:59 PM EDT

Awesome advice guys! Thank you very much for the help!

About which minion I should make my enchanter: my old or new minion? I'm thinking of all the fights I could win if I get rid of all AS right off. I would switch to a SoD to kill as many as possible in the first round to minimize damage. That would downplay my need for a ton of HP on those certain teams that rely on AS to survive for any length of time.
I know that, at the top, there probably won't be many, or any, guys doing that, but right now I see many teams that I could exploit.
I'm willing to change once I get to the top, but I want to get there as fast as possible so I can sleep more ;p
Any more advice will be greatly appreciated!

QBRanger October 6 2009 4:17 PM EDT

Make the new one the enchanter.

If we ever get a missile salvage yard, I will be the first to change my ELB to a SoD. And save over 1.2M levels of archery I need just to use my bow correctly unlike any other weapon (except other bows).

I would put that into evasion vs the stupid exbow.
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