CB lagging for anyone else? (in General)

AdminShade October 10 2009 3:01 PM EDT

it's lagging for me, also on bot check and other pages, though not on any other sites.

Burton October 10 2009 3:02 PM EDT

Not for me.

blackshadowshade October 10 2009 3:02 PM EDT

Yep, every third or fourth click.

blackshadowshade October 10 2009 3:03 PM EDT

Then again, Shade, we're both in continental Europe, so maybe that's the problem.

AdminShade October 10 2009 3:05 PM EDT

That might be the problem. This might be the silence before the storm because of the moving server.

Sickone October 10 2009 3:41 PM EDT

Lagging very badly for me, all the time, nothing else lags like that. And yup, Europe here too.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] October 10 2009 3:41 PM EDT

Well, US here, and it's working perfect.

kevlar October 10 2009 3:47 PM EDT


Sickone October 10 2009 3:55 PM EDT

Traceroute looks quite reasonable (especially final hop) considering I had it on 0.1 sec interval with 128 bytes ping...

So it's not the connection to the server itself (ignore the intermediary packet losses, those massive routers are designed to drop some pings to themselves when under heavy load).

AdminShade October 10 2009 8:41 PM EDT

The lag seems to be over now. :)
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