BHT's Brother's Account (in Public Record)

BHT October 26 2009 1:03 AM EDT

I was tlaking to my brother about the game, and he wanted to try it out. I told him only if he was serious and would play the game and he agreed, so hopefully he sticks around.

I know the rules,
No one sided transfers
Low Auction sales

Also He won't be selling out anytime soon he's to young to get a paypal.

I'll post his name in a minute after I help him setup, then tell him to post.
Also, We will be on the same IP on the weekends and different ones on through the week.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] October 26 2009 1:09 AM EDT

Thanks BHT for making our job easier :)

BHT October 26 2009 1:23 AM EDT

JusFrChix is his account name.

He's going through the tragetorial now. >.<

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] October 26 2009 1:25 AM EDT

May we all wish him the best of luck....

BHT October 26 2009 1:41 AM EDT

He can't post cause hotmail stinks, so i'll set him up on the forums next weekend.

AdminShade October 26 2009 12:48 PM EDT

Where are you both playing from anyway, I'm curious.

Also, it's best to have absolutely no traffic at all instead of 'no one sided transfers' or 'low auction sales'.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] October 26 2009 12:54 PM EDT

I didn't even give the wife advice when she started playing. Left that all up to whomever her mentor was, I think it was Edyit. I wanted no similarities between the two of us in regards to this game.

BHT October 26 2009 2:21 PM EDT

Sun-Thurs I am at college on their network and he is at home on our wireless. (Different IP)
Thus-Sun We are both at home on our wireless connection (same IP)

Without a little help he would get kno where, he's super smart for his age but there is a lot to learn here, and if they dont kno the basics then they will never get into the game.
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