AoI and decay (in General)

Wraithlin November 13 2009 12:41 AM EST

Did I miss somewhere that said using an AoI will negate decay use on your minion? I gave one of my enchanters with base level decay trained an AoI and then tossed him up front of my lineup, he no longer does anything with his decay.

QBRanger November 13 2009 12:42 AM EST

DD spells are not subject to the AoI.

Wraithlin November 13 2009 12:42 AM EST

I have the decay, I have the AoI, my decay no longer hits the opponent.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] November 13 2009 12:42 AM EST

If you have any amount of ENC decay ends up not working.

TheHatchetman November 13 2009 12:43 AM EST

he's most likely encumbered. Decay won't fire if your nw is even a dollar above your "Encumbered at:"

TheHatchetman November 13 2009 12:43 AM EST

ninja'd by da Nemer

Wraithlin November 13 2009 12:43 AM EST

That is what is doing it, thanks guys, i'll fix the ENC

Wraithlin November 13 2009 12:46 AM EST

although now that i think about it, putting him up front with AoI to take decay and shocking grasp, and then training decay which he'll kill himself with against GA is just stupid, guess it doesn't matter in the end since i'm going to unlearn decay now.

Cube November 13 2009 2:46 AM EST

If you get a good chunk of HP out of them isn't it worth more than the kill slot? It depends on who you're fighting, but I'd imagine it'd help versus most.

If you wanted to do this, you could try finding one of those fancy AoI's with only 7k networth.

Wraithlin November 13 2009 3:30 AM EST

The chunk of HP isn't worth the HP he is saving me by staying alive. My tank one slot over is giving over 100% bonus to SG and close to 350000 vs 10 HP decays. If that minion hits once for even 1 mil, which is unlikely, it's still not worth the millions of damage he could save me by staying alive.
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