Fight Feed & Mobile Users (in General)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 17 2009 12:50 PM EST

As a Dedicated and Addicted CBer I play CB on my phone the Samsung Omnia i910. Now for the longest I have had a problem with the Fight Feed burning up my battery. This is no small feat as I splurged on a high capacity one which can run my Internet/full settings for 14+ hours.

After several rounds of trying to figure out what the problem was after Jon had turned it off for mobile users I gave up.

Well sometimes all you have to do stop and do other things. I started thinking about something Jon had said: It must be Cacheing the page......So I went into my Internet Settings and Tapped the Advanced Tab. As I was looking through things I noted that at the bottom it said "Identify As" I scrolled down and under that and saw "Desktop Computer" and "Handheld Device".

I said why not and picked Handheld Device and loaded up CB. Sure enough the Fight Feed is gone!

Hopefully this will help other mobile users with highend phones that are having problems with the Fight Feed. Make Sure your phone is Identifying as a Handheld Device.

As a sidenote: /me FACEPALMS for my brainless moment <.< >.>
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