DoS NCB (in Public Record)

DoS November 20 2009 1:47 PM EST

The NCB Part

This coming Tuesday morning I will be starting an NCB character on a six month adventure of huge bonus and at the end an expected 4.4mil mpr.

As of right now it is looking like it will be three people, possibly four.
OddBird, Tal_Destra, and myself
The fourth person is BluBBen, but he has not responded as of yet whether he will be able to be on.

First OddBird will start the character and fight all of his accumulated BA (roughly 1300). After he has spent all of his BA, he will send the character to Tal_Destra and he will do the same, but with 1600 BA. When he has finished with his BA, if BluBBen is taking part in this then that is when he will spend his BA (1600). After that the character comes my way and I spend all of the BA I have :) (1600).

Pay is as follows:
1) Everyone gets to keep what the BA makes them, which in reality probably won't be all that much.. but you still get to keep it.
2) For OddBird I will be paying him the cost of BA, match what he makes in the course of the ~1300 BA, and whatever I feel he deserves after he finishs the BA.
2) For Tal_Destra I am paying him a flat 1 mil
2) For BluBBen I am paying a flat 800k
All transfer fees will be paid by me.

If I have forgotten anything regarding the NCB then go ahead and post it here :)

The other part of this

Jiraiya will be leveling my tattoo in exchange for me staying in the clan for one year.. but I will stay longer because of the company. :)
I will be taking back the tattoo once my MTL is capable of holding it.

Thanks everyone :) and the best of luck to us all.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- November 20 2009 4:21 PM EST

=) Let the good times roll! Apply anytime, and I'll let yah in with the quickness
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