WIN 333,333! (in Contests)

deifeln November 28 2009 6:33 PM EST

Post a link to both of my previous publications. (Link should directly refer to the publisher's website and must show my abstracts when clicked....not just the table of contents for the issuse).

[P]Mitt November 28 2009 6:40 PM EST

The uranyl tetrachloride anion as a tecton in the assembly of U(VI) hybrid materials

PF6- Hydrolysis as a route to unique uranium phosphate materials

These look pretty intense. I'm impressed!

deifeln November 28 2009 6:43 PM EST

deifeln (Ka) [P]Mitt (Mitten Bank) $333333 6:42 PM EST

Demigod November 28 2009 6:54 PM EST

Thanks for reminding me ow much I hated chemistry classes in college.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 28 2009 7:00 PM EST

Holy Mackerel we were just talking about you in chat today. Your Contest with JS and DoS in particular. Glad to see you are still out and about bro :-)

[P]Mitt November 28 2009 7:42 PM EST

Demigod, I'm the exact opposite.

Thank you for reminding how much I enjoy pure (inorganic) chemistry. I'm currently in Organic Chem, and while the labs and material are interesting, inorganic chem was by far, my favorite class last year.

kevlar November 28 2009 8:14 PM EST

very nice. the sole reason I am not interested in going into research... the papers! >:)
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