Shocking Grasp the best RoS attack? (in General)

QBRanger November 29 2009 1:02 PM EST

I have been noticing a few RoS characters using SG as their main attack.

Aside from the AS/GA axis.

Is it best?

I do believe it may be.


1) The RBF . SG damage is apparently not lowered by the RBF. If this was a bug, it should be been fixed by now, so one has to assume it is working as intended. So SG is really the only DD spell to be possibly effective vs the RBF.

2) 4 minion tanks typically suck. Why? Problems with ENC, lower dexterity, lower strength, vulnerability to the exbow. Among others. One has to hope your AS/GA can do it the opponents main tank so you can hit with your lower dex/str/weapon tank. Lower weapons due to ENC.

3) Ability to possibly break through the GA cap. SG is likely the only spell to have that chance. To get less than 60% return damage before armor. MM, FB, and CoC all do lower damage per round so more of a chance to take top GA damage.

4) Attacking from the front. Multiple benefits including getting rid of those pesky 20 decay blockers.

So, is SG the best attack to use with a RoS character?

If so, would the ideal build be:

Minion 1: Full AS wearing RoS. Base SS.
Minion 2: DM effect (not level) to 40% of RoS level. Rest in GA.
Minion 3: 100k AMF (for base decay) and rest into AS.
Minion 4: Max SG +/- natural HP.

kevlar November 29 2009 1:22 PM EST

will the DM nullify the 100kAMF? So SG works against the RBF and not CoC? I don't understand that, being they both are DDs and have the same firing properties?

QBRanger November 29 2009 1:35 PM EST

The RoS protects your AMF from your DM.

CoC would work but gets lower damage due to spread. Less per minion therefore more vulnerabitity to GA.

Lochnivar November 29 2009 1:41 PM EST

Minion 1: Full AS wearing RoS. Base SS.

no slot for SS as it is ED right?

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] November 29 2009 1:59 PM EST

correct Loch

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] November 29 2009 2:07 PM EST

You could just put the base SS on the mage.

QBRanger November 29 2009 3:23 PM EST


A base SS is helpful due to your 20 hp minions. Put the SS on the mage. Only a base level is needed. Maybe a bit more if you have hp on your mage.

Thanks for picking that up.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 29 2009 4:01 PM EST

You'd have to put the 100k AMF on minion 1.

Sickone November 29 2009 4:08 PM EST

"MarlFawkes 4:01 PM EST
You'd have to put the 100k AMF on minion 1."

No, you wouldn't. The RoS-granted DM immunity is for the entire team, not just the RoS wearer.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 29 2009 6:13 PM EST

"So SG is really the only DD spell to be possibly effective vs the RBF."


That aside, FB/CoC can kill the rest of the team, as the RoBF doesn't give an aura.

If none of that floats your boat, and the ~30% reduction (less than the high end MGS out there) is such a problem, SG is undoubtedly better than MM at killing RoBF wearers.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 29 2009 7:42 PM EST

Ah, okay, did not know that. Neat :)
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