Taking 100k bets on Florida v. Alabama (in Contests)

QBOddBird November 30 2009 1:12 PM EST

This Saturday, in College Football, the #1 and #2 teams in the country, Florida and Alabama, will play for the SEC championship. Both teams are undefeated. I'm willing to take all bets that Florida wins this game Saturday!

100k limit per person, up to the amount I currently have (1.5m) that Florida will win vs. Alabama.

Post here in the thread if you accept this bet.

Also, when Florida wins Saturday, I'm willing to bet on them for the Title game as well. We'll cross that road when we get there, though.

kevlar November 30 2009 1:19 PM EST

Sure why not. I think Florida will win but after the Steeler game last night, I need something to root for. The SEC is the greatest division in college football, Geaux Tigers!
(I accept the bet)

Elda-Kun November 30 2009 1:22 PM EST

Hahahaha. I'm not betting against Florida.

If Alabama plays the way they did against Auburn last Friday, they are toast. ;)

Chaos Griever November 30 2009 1:26 PM EST

(Is it just and outright win?) (Or are we playing some spreads?)


QBOddBird November 30 2009 1:29 PM EST

I haven't considered spreads, I was just betting all-out win/lose, DC.

QBRanger November 30 2009 1:29 PM EST

Given points as per the line, or is this straight up?

Fla is currently a 4-5 point favorite.

Demigod November 30 2009 1:45 PM EST


Florida currently holds a 6-point advantage. And as much as I hate Florida (and those Nike uniforms), I think they'll beat that spread.

QBRanger November 30 2009 2:06 PM EST

As a FLA grad, I hope you are correct.

However, Florida's pass offense has been wretched this year.

Their run offense has been great and their defense is one of the 2 best in the country.

But Florida has the 1 thing that my turn the game-Tebow. He can carry a team to victory.

Demigod November 30 2009 2:22 PM EST

I can't help but ask... Ranger, as a FL grad, how many pairs of jean shorts do you own? ;)

QBRanger November 30 2009 2:23 PM EST

Used to own 3 or 4 pair, then I got married-15 years ago.

QBOddBird November 30 2009 8:07 PM EST

Anyone else? So far it seems only kevlar is interested. I wanna have some CBD riding on my team's victory!

Demigod November 30 2009 9:39 PM EST

Do you want to make any bet on the spread? I'm willing to put out 200k that FL will beat the 6-point spread.

QBOddBird December 1 2009 11:48 AM EST

Still accepting bets!

QBOddBird December 5 2009 1:02 PM EST



all bets offered are now 2-1, if I win I win 100k, if you win you win 200k

kevlar December 5 2009 1:42 PM EST

noone else wants one of these??

MissingNo December 5 2009 1:46 PM EST

I'll bet 100k on Alabama. Someone tell me who wins though, cause I don't follow college football / sports in general.

QBOddBird December 5 2009 3:29 PM EST

30 minutes to go until the greatest football game to be played all year!!! (maybe)

Demigod December 5 2009 5:24 PM EST

I'm glad no one took me up on my offer.

QBsutekh137 December 5 2009 5:30 PM EST

FL has a taste now, Demigod, and gets the ball first in second half.

Good luck, 'bama, you'll need it!

QBRanger December 5 2009 5:31 PM EST


Ala was kicking Florida butt until late 2nd quarter.

Go Tebowwwww~!

Demigod December 5 2009 5:35 PM EST

I'm not a fan of Florida, and I look forward to watching Tebow NOT take top billing in the draft. That being said, I'm a huge fan of the SEC, and I want to see a close, entertaining game... but given the choice, I'd rather see Florida lose.

QBOddBird December 5 2009 8:00 PM EST

Congrats to kevlar and Vines, who took the non-favorite bet and have both won 200k. :)

I am really disappointed in Florida...they didn't show up tonight, and did not even make it a close or entertaining game. Alabama played well, and unfortunately, they totally deserved that win.

That being said, HOOK EM HORNS! I'm going ahead and sending out the transfers now before I start drinking to make sure I get 'em right.

QBOddBird (Rogue) kevlar (Pack Mule Service) $200000 -- win! 8:00 PM EST
QBOddBird (Rogue) OpVines (Nightman) $200000 -- win! 8:00 PM EST

kevlar December 5 2009 8:13 PM EST

Thanks! I was hoping Florida would have a nice 4th quarter and make it close or even win. I can't believe how Bama ran the ball on them. Now to see what Texas does.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] December 5 2009 11:26 PM EST

Wow, did Texas just lose to Nebraska... Epic Fail...

VsCountStrum [Black Watch] December 5 2009 11:29 PM EST

No, Texas wins... now for Alabama

Demigod December 5 2009 11:50 PM EST

Texas won, but man was that ugly. I missed the majority of the ACC game, but I did see GA Tech pull out the win. And as I prefer them over Clemson, huzzah!

kevlar December 6 2009 12:24 AM EST

What a crazy day for NCAAF. Just saw the recap for Texas. 1second, lol... wow. Pitt loses a huge lead and loses to Cinci by 1, Bama skins the Gators, USC and Cal get routed... craziness
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