Bug: Fight while suspended (in General)

BHT December 1 2009 8:48 PM EST

Didn't I say it's not polite to fight more than one battle at a time? You'll have to wait about 10 minutes now for fight to be reenabled.

(Multiple suspensions will result in longer penalties.)
I am still able to burn BA and successfully attack while having this penalty. Also, I have had it for 13mins now...

DoS December 1 2009 8:50 PM EST

It's a known bug. The problem with it is you don't know if you get a botcheck. :p

BHT December 1 2009 8:51 PM EST

I see. Well let's get it fixed.

AdminNightStrike December 1 2009 8:54 PM EST

*sigh*.... I guess I'm going to have to actually fix this, with the frequency of threads on it lately... :(

I haven't only because it's, well, useful.

I'm going to look also into a better way of handling it, like putting a strong mutex lock on the fight page and just redirecting immediately to a "Fight in progress" page or something.

See, things become a problem when the server is on the fritz and people get this message because a fight went haywire. Then, they are stuck waiting up to 2 minutes for the fight to be killed by the server. CB thinks you are still in a fight when really, things just blew up.

Things also would be a serious problem if we lifted the multiple fight ban completely, as we'd be opening a giant security hole.

AdminNightStrike December 1 2009 9:05 PM EST

Ok, so I think I fixed it. We'll see what people experience.

This means that when you are unfairly locked out.... well.... that's life :(

Solare December 1 2009 9:08 PM EST

Really? You had to complain about this?
Well, you reaped what you sewed.
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