New director wows everyone for $500 (in Off-topic)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] December 3 2009 1:47 AM EST

Super Robot Death Invasion


QBOddBird December 3 2009 1:54 AM EST

I bet that kid wants a bigger cut than the cheese sandwich he was originally paid with.

Vicious Cat December 3 2009 1:58 AM EST

hehe - I liked it

Elda-Kun December 3 2009 2:01 AM EST

Wow. It is amazing what they can do with computer-graphics these days. I sincerely hope this guy and his movie are a success.

Still, everyone knows that low-budget is the way to go with si-fi/horror movies. Without cheep films we would not have such classics as "Night of the Living Dead" or "THEM!". Monster movies aren't any good unless you can see the zipper on back of the rubber mask. ;)

kevlar December 3 2009 2:07 AM EST

"The plans for the movie are said to have a "compelling original story" beyond big robots blowing stuff up."

^that sounds good. All these end of the world movies are beginning to get redundant, like the post Braveheart head-on-head mass battle movies.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 3 2009 2:59 AM EST

This reminds me of the Furor about the English director who "Made a zombie flick for οΎ£54".

Which failed to mention he just happened to have a 3+ grand camera, and best friend who happened to be a Hollywood make up artist who did all the Zombie special effects for free...

IndependenZ December 3 2009 3:33 AM EST

"Alvarez has also been put up in a new apartment, given a new car and will work with "Spider-Man" director Sam Raimi on developing the film."

Wow. I guess this guy will be doing something else for his spare time from now on. The YouTube-generation is starting to get noticed ;)

AdminShade December 3 2009 3:40 AM EST

Why did he use the music from 28 days later?
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