VA take 2: VA and the TSA (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 17 2009 10:24 AM EST

Trying to understand how VA works with all facets of CB. ;)

PL down, on to TSA regen.

If you VA above your natural HP total, does that (I'm assuming it will) stop your TSA regen kicking in?

QBRanger December 17 2009 10:37 AM EST

Since it appears that the TSA regeneration occurs at the very end of the round, it VA takes you above natural HP, the TSA would not regenerate.

However, we were told many times that all phases of combat occur at the same time. Likely in an attempt to justify the mysterious PL/TSA/revive minions we see.

QBsutekh137 December 17 2009 11:02 AM EST

All phases of inter-character interactions are pseudo-simultaneous, but the order of things that occur for one specific team should follow a known, consistent order. I am thinking what you said is true, VA then TSA, where the TSA simply looks at total HP and compares to native HP. It doesn't care how the HP got there, whether it was from AS at the start of the battle or VA adding HP back round by round...

Shouldn't be that hard to test, should it? Doesn't TSA regen show in battle log?

QBRanger December 17 2009 11:09 AM EST


The TSA regeneration is seem at the very end of the round.

But again, we were specifically told that all things are simultaneous.

QBsutekh137 December 17 2009 11:17 AM EST

I have never seen anyone say things are simultaneous within the same team. Your own team will attack, draw VA, then regen (if TSA) at the end.

The "same time" stuff relates to how the teams defend and attack, which they do all at once. That is what leads to quirky edge effects for the attacker (like having an edge with the exbow) and the defender (being able to resurrect)

There is no way VA and TSA could apply at the same time within a round for a given minion. What would that even mean?

Wraithlin December 17 2009 12:37 PM EST

1. It's obvious not everything is exactly the same time as you can regen first round after taking damage, so damage to you comes before TSA regen calculation.

2. Since two players can kill each other off with attacks it is fair to also assume that attacks calculate at the same time, therefore your attack with VA goes at the same time as thier damage.

3. It makes most sense to calculate the VA regen with the attack damage and change your HP as a net gain/loss with your VA vs enemy damage.

4. If the above 3 are correct: if you VA yourself above your base HP then when the TSA looks to see how much it can regen, it will come up with 0. So you can never end a round that TSA regened with more HP than your base.

Wraithlin December 17 2009 12:38 PM EST

As for VA and TSA in the same round, that should happen all the time that you are not above your base HP.

You gain some VA when you attack, then since you're not at base HP, you then regen with TSA after.

AdminNightStrike December 17 2009 10:40 PM EST

"simultaneous" is relative.
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