Microsoft validation sucks (in Off-topic)

bartjan December 31 2009 2:11 PM EST

Aaargh. I'm having problems getting a Windows XP laptop to connect to a wireless access point. Apparently XP needs a patch before it will recognise WPA2 encryption. So, here I am with my own Linux laptop and an USB key, ready to download the patch. But, Microsoft in all their wisdom only allows me to download said patch when I use a genuine Windows. Of course, the laptop I want to install this on is as genuine as can be, but without a working wifi I can't use it to download.

Can someone help me by downloading the file WindowsXP-KB893357-v2-x86-NLD.exe from the page (click the button "Doorgaan") and send it to me by email ( As I only need the file once, please do post in this thread that you have downloaded it, so noone else needs to.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 31 2009 2:18 PM EST

tried to send it on gmail, it blocks .exe's so tried on yahoo, i think it went through!

bartjan December 31 2009 2:25 PM EST

Mmm, apparently my anti-virus does block .exe files as well. But, I managed to grab it out of the garbage bin. Not sure if it's the right file, as it is named WGAPluginInstall.exe and not WindowsXP-KB893357-v2-x86-NLD.exe. I'll try using my USB key anyway to get it to the XP laptop. Thanks.

AdminShade December 31 2009 2:27 PM EST

it is not.

WGAPluginInstall.exe = Windows Genuine Activator plugin install. The program which makes your windows go reboot if you have a not genuine version. Dudemus has to complete the download process in order to send the right file.

sebidach [The Forgehood] December 31 2009 2:28 PM EST

Hopefully they are virus free.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 31 2009 2:29 PM EST

that is actually the windows genuine advantage plugin. once it is installed though you should be able to get approved for the download.

AdminShade December 31 2009 2:30 PM EST

but without a working wifi I can't use it to download.

He can't download it because he has no wifi. He needs this download to get his wifi working...

bartjan December 31 2009 2:33 PM EST

Well, I got it working without needing this file anyway.... Apparently if I just say "WPA" on the client, I can connect afterall...

Funny, as I couldn't connect like this when the access point was set to WPA.

sebidach [The Forgehood] December 31 2009 2:33 PM EST

Yes, this was a really stupid idea from Microsoft. I had the same problem with my mothers laptop once, and installed her Linux after 2 hours of trying. ;)

bartjan December 31 2009 2:34 PM EST

Now I can use IE once, to download Firefox ;)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] December 31 2009 6:52 PM EST

I feel your pain bartjan, I hope you got it all sorted out. The best thing I can recommend when using Windows XP is to find/make a slipstream version of XP that has all the updates and stuff in it so when you install it you don't end up in the precarious position you are in now.

bartjan January 1 2010 8:45 AM EST

Well, it's working without needing that patch. I was just confused and expecting a 'WPA2' choice, but apparently the 'WPA' choice can act like 'WPA2' ;)

This laptop is my old laptop (an IBM Thinkpad R50p) which now is in use by my parents as they said they wanted to switch from a desktop in the living room to a laptop. Before buying a new one, they can use this one to figure out what they like and not like (i.e. lack of mouse) about this one, before spending $$ on a new one.

I did not install it from cd, but used the hidden recovery partition of the laptop to 'repair' it. Convenient, but you end up with an old version of Windows...

AdminNightStrike January 1 2010 10:54 AM EST

Thus the reason why I always use corporate versions of their products....

Incidentally... doesn't the laptop have a 10/100 port as well as wifi?

bartjan January 1 2010 11:25 AM EST

Yeah, but no spare cable :)
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