Wall/Mage 4 Minion Team Idea (in General)

Newlin [SeeD] January 20 2010 5:53 PM EST

I would run this strategy alternating a named RoE between the Wall and the Mage, and starting with all 4 minions. I am not sure how well this would really work or, if anyone has a similar strategy already. Any comments or suggestions to improve this are welcomed.


-- (1/3) Health
-- (Max) Fireball / Cone of Cold

[18] Breastplate of Expertise
[6] Cloak of Istari
[4] Spellboosters
[0] Noldorin Spellcasters
[-5] Helm of Clearsight
[0] Shield of capacity
[0] Amulet of Invisibility
[1] 2008 CB T-Shirt


-- Health Points
-- Evasion

[22] Trollskin Armor
[4] Elven Cloak
[10] Elven Boots
[3] Elven Gloves
[9] Helm of Durin
[0] Mage Shield
[0] Amulet of Focus
[1] 2009 CB T-Shirt

Kill Slot 1

-- Decay

Kill Slot 2

-- Decay

Rawr January 20 2010 7:10 PM EST

This strategy has a few holes from what I can see. MsK archers will have a field day on your mage. SG / other CoC mages will eat your 1/3 hp (yes I know it means how much you train into it) mage. GA may be a problem as well.

TheHatchetman January 20 2010 7:42 PM EST

FB and Decay don't play nicely together

Newlin [SeeD] January 20 2010 7:47 PM EST

Maybe using SG or MM then as a DD spell? I'm not how I would avoid GA except for adding a DM somewhere.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] January 20 2010 7:47 PM EST

I thought that was the FB/GA Combo that didn't play nicely together because of the Friendly Fire.......

TheHatchetman January 20 2010 7:52 PM EST

if you fry your Decays as soon as they're able to start firing it's just as bad. FB doesn't play nicely with a lotta things.
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