An Elven Long Bow [6x0] (+0) (in General)

Areodjarekput January 21 2010 7:52 PM EST

In auctions right now, there is "An Elven Long Bow [6x0] (+0)"

Is this a "custom" disenchanting bug?

It also has the same Net Worth as an x1 ELB, which is a minor discrepancy, but still something to note.

TheHatchetman January 21 2010 7:55 PM EST

I hope i don't have to start looking for base-er ranged weapons than the ones i got...

A Compound Bow [5x1] (+0) 637
A Heavy Crossbow [4x1] (+0) 501
A Composite Bow [4x1] (+0) 422
A Light Crossbow [3x1] (+0) 241
A Long Bow [3x1] (+0) 217
A Staff Sling [2x1] (+0) 89
A Short Bow [2x1] (+0) 89
A Sling [1x1] (+0) 39

Miandrital January 21 2010 7:58 PM EST

A Katana [74x-1000] (+0) 7,772


Its a bug with custom disenchanting

Demigod January 21 2010 8:06 PM EST

So I can disenchant my katana to -1000 and get 4 million in unearned money? Yeah, NS, can we get this fixed before I abuse the hell out of it? I'm VERY tempted.

Rawr January 21 2010 8:54 PM EST

Oh dear, this needs to be fixed asap!

Rawr January 21 2010 8:56 PM EST

oh well it looks like you dont actually get the money, but you can still disenchant to that point.

Miandrital January 21 2010 9:39 PM EST

Nope you do get the money... I made 4255494.

Hopefully NS can just remove it from my character.

QBRanger January 21 2010 9:42 PM EST

Send it to TP.

Minus any xfer fees of course.

Kompton Kidd January 21 2010 9:46 PM EST

It shouldn't be sent anywhere, it should be deleted. It's money made through a loop-hole.

Canibus January 21 2010 9:58 PM EST

Glad people are decent enough to be up front with it at least, and lets hope there is some way to detect the same abuse other places, so we don't have tons of people abusing that now with no chance of getting busted.. just thinking of how many days I need to forge to make that money.... :|

Rawr January 21 2010 9:59 PM EST

well when i did it i earned no money. weird.

Demigod January 21 2010 10:00 PM EST

I'm hoping the admin that locks this down will also do a quick search for any and all weapons/armor with X in the negative to take those weapons (and ill-gotten money) out of the game.

Miandrital January 21 2010 10:01 PM EST

as per NS's request, sent item and money to TourneyPrizes

AdminNightStrike January 21 2010 10:09 PM EST

I closed the loophole.

Please send any cash and items from this to the user Aftai:

Then I can just reset that party.

Miandrital January 21 2010 10:45 PM EST

Are you sure you want to do this on the honor system? I'd actually check the server logs to see if anyone exploited this bug since it was introduced, just to be safe.
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