Supportership / New Players / Fightlist idea (in General)

kevlar January 21 2010 11:17 PM EST

Since having the fightlist that being a supporter provides you is so crucial for a player to be successful, and it makes the game so much more playable/enjoyable... maybe it would be a nice time to give some change on what a Supportership offers, and automatically include the fightlist feature to the game in general? And work managing a fightlist into the tutorial?
When thinking about what would retain more players, this sure tops my list.

Could have some fun with new ideas for the Supportership bundle: i.e. The more recent commemorative T (CB 2009 T-Shirt), 1mil CB$?, something else?

Demigod January 21 2010 11:29 PM EST

I was thinking about this same thing earlier today, but I couldn't think of a decent replacement for the supportership bonus.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] January 21 2010 11:46 PM EST

I think it would be better to have the referral give the new player a temporary supporter time of like two weeks. Not the item but the fight list. This gives them a bit of time to get on their feet and they could see for themselves the main benefit of supportership.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] January 21 2010 11:47 PM EST

That gentlemen is quite easy! Rawr made a suggestion a while back and I think it was awesome! Basically it is a revamp of the fight list that auto equips/unequips according to your opponent by a preset that you make.

For Opponent 1 you need a HoC and BoM
For Opponent 2 you need a HoE and SoC

Well this would eliminate that need to continuously go back and forth and equip/unequip per opponent :-)

I think this would be killer for a Supporter Option!

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] January 21 2010 11:48 PM EST

That would make it so easy to 100% maximize then. As it is right now I don't maximize that much because of time constraints. That would completely eliminate them.

kevlar January 22 2010 1:17 AM EST

If we had a playerbase that was big, Nem, that would be ideal... but as things are/have been we need to do some changing to make the game more enticing in general. Having the fightlist is huge, and if shown how to use during the tutorial, might increase numbers.

Wraithlin January 22 2010 1:52 AM EST

If we need just a simple replacement for the fightlist for supporters. Maybe a supporter item. Like "Ring of Support". Add to any character similar to the yearly t-shirts, and all it does is something simple like 3% less damage from all sources. Or something along those lines.

Something nice to have but not game breaking.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] January 22 2010 6:40 AM EST

Interesting idea Wraithlin :-D I was just looking at giving the general populous the Fightlist and giving the Supporters the Advanced Modified version that Rawr came up with. Keep it Simple I
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