Malware Resource Super Thread (in Links)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 2 2010 5:05 PM EST

Your computer is a reeking cesspool, clean it up!

Combofix -

Malwarebytes -

Superantispyware -

I'd suggest AV software but that might result in a argument I can't win.

I'd like folks to post what they use and links to any articles with tips tricks or reviews of current software.

AdminG Beee February 2 2010 5:08 PM EST

Best forum in the world if you've got problems.
They're very anal about you following the forum rules if you want help though. They are geeks after all... :)

Demigod February 2 2010 5:13 PM EST

Spybot S&D -- Just to reduce the amount of crapware down the road.

Flamey February 2 2010 10:43 PM EST

S&D emailed me asking me why I uninstalled, I linked to Geekstogo and they S&D said that the article was outdated and they've since improved vastly. Didn't look into it any further though.

Demigod February 2 2010 10:48 PM EST

::scratches head::

How did they get your email in the first place?

AdminNightStrike February 2 2010 10:58 PM EST

I've used spyware blaster in the past as a preventative facility. It keeps your blocklists up to date. It doesn't remove stuff, but it's a lot like using SafePeer on your torrent software.

AdminShade February 3 2010 1:11 AM EST

I use Hitman Pro (free) for antispyware.
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