You feel like you're making progress (in General)

AdminShade February 3 2010 1:19 PM EST

I've figured out a good forging formula for these Boots, I will perform more tests for fine-tuning and to find out the forging efficiency.

AdminShade February 3 2010 1:32 PM EST

2 full forging cycles as proof that I'm not lying. First gives close to perfect RPM gain, the second gives a small bonus even. When averaging them, I come to the conclusion this is the most optimal formula for the Spellboosters.

Rough progress meter: 3.493%
Rough progress meter: 12.548%
Rough progress meter: 17.632%
Rough progress meter: 40.263%
Rough progress meter: 50.443%

Rough progress meter: 50.443%
Rough progress meter: 59.498%
Rough progress meter: 64.019%
Rough progress meter: 89.486%
Rough progress meter: 99.665%

You feel quiet satisfaction as you gaze on your Pair of Spellboosters!

AdminShade February 4 2010 2:20 PM EST

And for this purpose, also the Boots of Fortitude have received their update!

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 4 2010 2:23 PM EST

Haven't figured out the forge efficiency of spell boosters?

AdminShade February 4 2010 2:24 PM EST

Can't do that while I'm forging with my Tournament Character (no BA buying prices for it.)
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