My MH isn't stealing. (in General)

Rawr February 4 2010 8:34 PM EST

As it appears in my fight logs, the MH on Robe of Yuen is not draining when it hits and deals damage. My other MH's wielding enchanters do drain life when they hit. What is going on?

DoS February 4 2010 8:37 PM EST

It has PL. If a minion has PL, it won't get any HP from weapons ;)

Rawr February 4 2010 8:39 PM EST

Robe tapped for no damage
Black Wing's shield flashes! [141,548]
Black Wing bruised [127777]
Black Wing draws strength from his weapon! [25555]
Guardian Angel smote Black Wing (64148)
Heart shield flashes! [36,434]
Heart tapped [32961]
Heart draws strength from his weapon! [6592]
Guardian Angel smote Heart (19215)
Scarlet touches Pire [2631164]
Guardian Angel smote Scarlet (604612)

Robe shield flashes! [194,684]
Robe tapped Iroers [177756]
Guardian Angel smote Robe (97473)
Black Wing bruised for no damage
Heart bruised for no damage
Erza Scarlet touches [1329226]
Guardian Angel smote Erza Scarlet (592014)

heres two rounds of fighting. clearly, Heart Kreuz and Black Wing drain life when they hit, but Robe of Yuen does not. And yes, the enemy still has life to steal.

Rawr February 4 2010 8:39 PM EST

No, PL is not involved.

Rawr February 4 2010 8:40 PM EST

and its clear that the minion Robe is attacking has HP because Robe is getting smote by GA.

Miandrital February 4 2010 8:40 PM EST

Why do you deal less damage using the MH than your shield is flashing?

Rawr February 4 2010 8:41 PM EST

Damage reduction. from AC and whatnot

Salketer [big bucks] February 4 2010 8:42 PM EST

Robe of Yuen does have PL... read the 7th dot.

Rawr February 4 2010 8:43 PM EST

ah, thank you! that would be the issue.

Miandrital February 4 2010 8:43 PM EST

I believe NS said he is working on fixing PL and VA bugs, there are just a bunch so it is taking time.

DoS February 4 2010 8:45 PM EST


Rawr February 4 2010 8:51 PM EST

Dos - you were right! I am sorry for misinterpreting you. I thought you were talking about enemy PL absorbing my damage so I don't get the lifesteal. my apologies ^^

DoS February 4 2010 9:06 PM EST

No worries :p
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