The Return of the Myth (in Contests)

Mythology February 5 2010 12:54 PM EST

Okay bit of an odd one, as some of you old timers know I used to run quite a lot of contests, generally a new one at least once a month, I'd been holding off on doing so until now, started a new job and was starting a NCB with no cash so every penny counted.

As it stands now Mian has most most generously offered to put 500K in the starting pot to play with and I'm going down to three days a week at work as want to still enjoy work and put some time in elsewhere.

So yeah where you come in (apart from if you'd like to contribute to the starting pot also :P ) the first contest or rather pre-contest contest.

I will be setting up a character after the current tournaments completes to hold all contest funds, so the first contest for 21K, yes thats right, 21K! will be to come up with a name for that character.

Now please remember this means a lot of my posts are going to include the line "please send to ???" so it has to be

1) Catchy
2) Not too long to type
3) Hard to misspell or accidentally make typos

As the tournament finishes on saturday need a good suggestion by then!


AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 5 2010 1:17 PM EST

Valinor4Life (if only it wasn't too long)



AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 5 2010 1:26 PM EST


Hit or Myth (With or without the spaces)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] February 5 2010 2:00 PM EST

funtimes ; )

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 5 2010 2:01 PM EST


Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] February 5 2010 2:37 PM EST


Wraithlin February 5 2010 2:38 PM EST


Demigod February 5 2010 2:53 PM EST


Tabaldak February 5 2010 3:25 PM EST

Apocalypse Angel
Blamed Beginning
Created Chaos
Destiny's Dawn
Destiny of Destruction
Devils of Destiny
Diseased Dream
Eye C U 2
Fear of Freedom
Fools & Tools
Hellish Heart
Hope for Hell
Kissing or Killing?
Lost Life
Malice & Mayhem
Meaning of Misery
Misery's Misfortune
Peacefully Paranoid
Rude Remorse
Tools of Torture
Violent Visions
Wicked Warrior
Wounds of War

winner winner February 5 2010 3:26 PM EST


BluBBen February 5 2010 3:48 PM EST

Suth will come and own this comp soon :-)

Asgarginia February 5 2010 3:50 PM EST


Tabaldak February 5 2010 5:29 PM EST

Cash Cache
Commodity Committee
Fame & Fortune
Fountain of Fortune
Funny Money
Giving Gifts
Living Luxuries
Money Merchant
Ovations for Donations
Rich Niche
Rolled Gold
Something for Nothing
The Chance Dance
The Cracked Pot's Jackpot
Wage Cage

Mythology February 6 2010 12:10 PM EST

and the winner is...

Okay actually will be deciding that shortly, if any last minute sparks of inspiration you have bout 10mins :)

Messbrutal February 6 2010 12:14 PM EST

girl scout

Mythology February 6 2010 12:34 PM EST

And the winners are...

10K For knowing me best GL with Exodite, shame I couldn't use it :)
10K For Shear weight of entries, Tabaldak :)

And actual winner is ... John_Blackthorne with "anyone" because it did make me laugh

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] February 6 2010 12:43 PM EST

Haha, thanks :)

Looking forward to see what you have in mind for future contests.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 6 2010 12:43 PM EST

WooT! ;)

(I hear GW are so taken by Avatar, they want to include Exodite Dragon Riders in the next Eldar Dex! :P)
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